22 Apr 2008



There are not a lot of news today except that the pope visited the USA and apparently had a lot of success. That's good for the poor guy because in Europe even catholics think he should retire !

Bond car plunges into Lake Garda
A stunt driver has crashed the car used by movie secret agent James Bond into Italy's Lake Garda during filming of 007's latest movie, Quantum of Solace.The driver was delivering the iconic Aston Martin DBS to the film scene in heavy rain when he lost control around one of the lake's narrow curves. The driver was quickly rescued and taken to hospital with minor injuries. Ha ! That even a stuntman had an accident there ! I know these curves very well, they are vicious ! Mr. Gattino used to drive there a lot when he was a young man.

Sex hormones 'hit smoke success'
Nicotine in cigarettes is powerfully addictive

A successful attempt to quit smoking may depend on where women are in their monthly cycle, say scientists. Those trying before ovulation were more likely to reach for a cigarette again than those trying at other times, US scientists claimed. Writing in the journal Addiction, the researchers said differing levels of female sex hormones were to blame. Now I know ! But I don't have a monthly cycle anymore ! I stopped anyway and now what about men ?

A new Princess for Belgium
The birth of Princess Eléonore is a late birthday present for Crown Prince Filip, who celebrated his birthday on Tuesday. Eléonore is King Albert and Queen Paola's twelfth grandchild. She is fifth in line for the throne.
Eléonore's aunt, Princess Claire and Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden will serve as the child's godmothers. Count Sébastien of Westphalia is baby Eléonore's godfather. Now they have 4 ! but with enough Nannies to take care of them that shouldn't be a problem ! I wrote about this here

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  1. Ohhhhhhh NOOOOOOOO! Not THE Aston Martin!!! You would think that a stunt driver could handle himself in the RAIN, wouldn't you? (that's probably what THEY thought too, huh?)

    What a DARLING little princess!!! Congratulations!

  2. I hope Q made the Astin Martin waterproof!

  3. I don't have a cycle...of ANY kind. rofl So why can't I quit?

    Anyway, I'm in the dark like you and others with the Fun Monday from yesterday...she has nothing, and I went through the list of players...absolutely no mention of our next host.

  4. He crashed an Aston Martin!!! Oh no.


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