28 Nov 2011

OUR WORLD - Plancenoit

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My friend Dominique was born in a very historical place, in Placenoit which is a village in Walloon Brabant, near Waterloo. The village was a key strategic point during the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 as it was the main focal point of the Prussians' flank attack on Napoleon's army. Taken and retaken several times by the French and the Prussians, it was the scene of fierce fighting and a terribly bloody battle took place in this today so peaceful area.

One day after having lunch together, she took me to show me the place of her childhood and the house she grew up. It's a very beautiful countryside to show you in our world. I had never been in this village, although I live in Waterloo since 36 years !

The St Catherine church in Plancenoit dates from 1857. The white stones of the old church were used to built the new one. The old church had been severely damaged during the battle in 1815 and had to be rebuilt.

The Church built on a hill overlooks the main place

with cafés and houses

The old houses look still the same and almost untouched

front and

back side

This was the house Dominique grew up

Her school way wasn't an easy one and hasn't changed ! In winter it was nice to go down there with a sleigh. I was quiet breathless when we finally arrived on the top of the hill !

Pieces of the property have been sold and I saw this modern house with two pinguins in the garden ! Tastes are debatable !

But the surroundings are unchanged

Some of the families she knows are still living here

a new kindergarten had been created in this old farmhouse

others are still working farmhouses

This was the one she used to play with the children

and her old school house is still standing, although it's written "Ecole des filles" (School for girls) today the school is mixed and there are also boys.

She showed me the window she had once climbed out, because she was fed up to be locked in probably because she had done something.

and a final view on this old historical village.

Plan of the battle and its history

It's unbelievable that so many men lost their lives in this beautiful place.


  1. It is indeed very picturesque. Those penguins look so funny standing there.

  2. Wonderful tour!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  3. Amazing tour! thank you for taking us along!

  4. Waterloo looks wonderful. The scenery and views are beautiful. The penquins are a little odd. thanks for the lovely tour. Great photos, have a great week!

  5. What a lovely, interesting tour you've taken us on, Gattina! I've heard of Waterloo for years and how delightful to be able to visit through your terrific captures! Hope you have a great week ahead!


  6. This is so interesting to go back in time
    Her house was beautiful Very big and the surrounding area to die for.

  7. It is a beautiful countryside. Our Gettysburg, the site of a great civil war battle, is like this, quiet and peaceful it is hard to image the bloody battle that once waged there.

  8. Beautiful houses! I like the view there, thanks for sharing.

  9. It is a gorgeous little village. Like time stood still. Dominique must have had a charmed childhood growing up there. The houses and scenery is stunning.

  10. Impossible to know what would have happened if the Prussians had not arrived late in the day but just in the nick of time. It really was a horrible battle.

    Your photos of the church put it in perspective when seen against the so much smaller houses.

    A truly beautiful and nostalgic post. I too have revisited sites from my my childhood and know how deeply what remains and what is missing affects one.

  11. What a delightful looking place and imagine going to school on a sleigh. I am delighted to have joined the Our World meme this week.

  12. Thanks for the lovely tour of the town and countryside. Beautiful church!
    How nice that her old home and school are still there.
    Mississippi, USA

  13. Dear Gattina,
    This post is so adorable.It's so nice to remember sweet things about our childhood.Thanks for you and your beautiful friend for sharing these memories and pictures!
    The city is gorgeous, I love the houses, the Church, the gardens ( the two little pinguins)and the blessed landscape there.

  14. What a pretty town and lovely countryside. It reminds me of England.

  15. How beautiful! It reminds me of a Scottish village actually. And at the same time very Dutch. Super nice.

  16. Fantastic tour of where your friend grew up. Very interesting and attractive.


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