2 Dec 2011


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1. The week started with sunshine although it was quiet cold, which made me creative and I started with the Christmas decoration. I emptied my "seasonal" basket, taking out its autumn decoration, put it in a plastic bag for next year and created our Christmas basket.

The result is here. It took me quiet some time until I was satisfied with the result. Now if you ring the door, the first thing you see (besides myself) is this basket.

2. Unfortunately I had to return with cat Rosie to the vet, because she walked again on 3 paws. I have to give her 4 more shots, but it is already better. After the vet I had lunch with a friend and we chatted about the forthcoming year's end holidays.

3. On Wednesday I asked Mr. G. to bring up the suitcase in which I had put all Christmas decorations. It's a big suitcase which we don't use anymore so at least it is useful for something. Then it stood there and I waited for some inspiration.

4. Which finally came the next day and I spent the whole afternoon with decorating and loved it !

on the dining table

the open fire

on a cupboard

The crèche is on the side table. This year nothing is mising, last year a king had disappeared.

on the little table I had put the advent wreath, I have kept the German tradition 4 candles represent the 4 Sundays before Christmas and each Sunday you light one more. Next Sunday two candles will burn.

a closer look

I put balls and garlands in our plants

and angels and another crèche on the top of the TV set.

another plant

Now I am happy that my decoration is done ! Mr. G. still caughs that the walls tremble, and still feels lousy, he hasn't really appreciated my efforts yet. I am sure if I would have decorated the house with potatoes and persil he wouldn't even have realized.

Some decorations in details, Arthur doesn't care about angels ! Apparently they make him sleep.

5. After painting class I just went to buy food for my cats, there were so many people in the shops it was awful ! Fortunately I didn't have nothing special to buy. The Christmas gifts I have already ! I make a stock of gifts the whole year, so I don't have to run in the last minute, and I don't have to plunder our bank account in December I do it the whole year long !


  1. Christian families in the Netherlands (at least my family) light an extra candle every advent Sunday approaching to Christmas as well. And when I was listening to Norwegian radio last Sunday, they were talking about it being the first Advent's Sunday.

    Unfortunately nowadays much seems to be Santa Santa Santa. A shame!

  2. You have been busy and put me to shame as I haven't started yet. You have so many beautiful decorations it is a wonder that the cats and Mr G can find room to nap. You are so organised making your gifts throughout the year, That is the german in you.

  3. Dear Gattina
    I want to thank you for taking time to read my latest post at the Sisterhood of the Travelling Scarf blog.

    Please know I appreciate your kind comment.

    I read some of your posts, too. Your cats are all lovely ones - the pictures you have posted of them brought a smile to my face.

    And this recent post of yours, with all the lovely Christmas decors... well, it is all so beautiful.

    May God's rich blessings abide with you and your husband during the Advent season.


  4. Goodness! it's xmas time! I realized that last Sunday and got a couple of things out. Minimalist this year, it suits me well. Love your decoration!

  5. Gattina asked if it was his job, in Chinese custom, bestman are not paid. (Groom's best friend???) but the groom's family usually gives him a HONGBAO, a red packet which has a cash gift.

    I guess in his casem since he became so famous, the HONGBAO will be very big. I only guess. I will ask friends from Sibu.

  6. Dear Gattina,
    Your place is adorable with all beautiful Christmas decoration, you are very creative!
    I specially like that basket ( first picture )!
    This morning my French class was cancelled, so that I take a time to prepare here my Christmas tree.Little Luna was very interesting in it! :)
    By the way, I'm so worried about Rosie, I hope she is feeling better today!Sending love to her heart!
    You are so clever about to have already all Christmas gift. You don't have to face all stress that I imagine I WILL! :) Phew...and I have no idea about the gifts, mainly what I could buy to Cezar!
    Hmmm I need to prepare a kind of list to help me about it! :)
    hugs and a nice weekend

  7. Oh wow, my friend, just shows how the months have flown. This is the second Christmas/Advent that I've known you. I can remember when you had one king missing last year. Blogging is great fun. And how I would love to arrive at your door and see those lovely decorations. You are artistic and of course, Arthur adds to the beauty! Have a great weekend. Jo

  8. I love your Christmas basket. Such a great idea. All your decorations are just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Be careful not to burn those angels on the fireplace! I like the way your home looks right now!

  10. You did a wonderful job and your cat collection is one of the best I've ever seen.
    You even have the Egyptian Cats. lol

  11. You obviously enjoyed your decorating for Christmas. We too have our Advent wreath.

    I hope that both Mr. G and the cat are well soon.

  12. Looks so festive! You're so wise to shop ahead. I never seem to be able to do that...

    Have a great week!

  13. That is definitely a smart way to shop for Christmas! I don't mind the actual shopping for Christmas but I do hate the crowds and lineups that happen at this time of year.

    Good for you for getting all the decorating done! Wanna come do mine? :v)


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