28 Nov 2011


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I almost got a shock when I saw the date, and realized that I hadn't thought of Christmas so far at all ! And I have to buy some gifts !

Fortunately I found the most important one for grandson Toby, when I went shopping Saturday.

Apparently he loves to play in a kitchen, so I bought him this little kitchen set with microwave, oven and ceramic cooking plate and some pots and pans. As his Dad loves to cook too, they can now cook together.

In the afternoon I started to decorate the pots in front of our house because the flowers are gone by now.

I put some fir branches and fake flowers in the pots and it looks quiet nice. Maybe it's not the traditional Christmas look, but I like it.

On Sunday I had to go to the market to buy our favorite Thai plate for supper. It was very cold and windy and it also started to drizzle, the ideal weather for catching a cold !

That's what Mr. G. still has but he is in good company who tries to keep him warm.

I worked a little on my pictures for my Christmas headers for my blogs, as you can see here;

In the afternoon I escaped the microbes in our house and visited Ilona. We chatted the whole afternoon and she announced me that she will become Great-Great Grandma !!!! We have the same age, 68, my grandson just celebrated his first birthday and her granddaughter is 25 and expects her first child !

Isn't she looking great for a great great grandma ?? (of course the picture was taken in May and not yesterday !) Now we were sitting in front of the open fire with cardigans on !)

The evening was dedicated to the Midsomer murders of Inspector Barnaby and of course Dominique joined us, she loves these series too.


Jo said...

Oh I would just LOVE that kitchen set. How sweet! I like your indoor pots, very nice. Sorry to hear Mr G is ill. But as when I was laid low, I always have one or more cats to keep me company in bed. I think that's the only time cats think we're humans are intelligent. When we do what they do for 22hours a day! Have a great day, my friend. Jo

Auntie E said...

Love the holiday photos. this is such a nice time of year to me. My Post is up

Lifecruiser Travel said...

Both of you look like young grandma's!!!!

Oh, how nice that looks... .dreaming about May now...