16 Nov 2008


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I am acutally in Hurghada/Egypt but I don't have any pictures to show or stories to tell, not yet.

Before our departure we had our weekly "Goat Meeting". The goats are Chantal, Ilona and myself, because we all three are goats in the chinese astrology.

This time it took place at Chantal's. With her I am here in Egypt.

Chantal has two dogs. Here she is with Lara who just had chased her "sister" away.

Sheena is a very active Beagle ! When finished with her "sister" she started to annoy Ilona.

and when a Beagle has something in mind, he stays for it, no matter what happens.

Pushing away didn't help either. We had to laugh about poor Ilona, but then finally Sheena went away.

Coming home I had a more peaceful view

Pookie was watching the entrance door

and here I did really my weekly winner, I cut two pictures of Arthur in half and put them together with a simple "panorama" program and no photoshop !


Merle said...

Hi Gattina ~~ I hope you are really enjoying your holiday where it is warm, Have a great time.
Thanks for your comments about my brother's visit. I enjoyed seeing Peter, and also Warren.
Glad you like the photo of my daughter, granddaughter and myself. That was a nice surprise to visit Kathy and her family.
Take care, Love, Merle.

Nola said...

Your photos are adorable! It really shows the difference in dogs and cats (which I am just now experiencing); dog in your face, cat in your chair. I am much more "cat".

Melli said...

I LOVE your Goat Club! That is sO great to have a group of friends to get together with regularly! And it's good that you all have the common bond of "goats" because ya know... you being a CAT person, and Chantal being a DOG person, the whole thing MIGHT have fallen apart right from the start! But the GOATS brought you all together! :)

I'm sure you are by now having good times that are destined to make me jealous! Carry on!

Anonymous said...

so the three little chinese goats, living in Belgium are now in Egypt! Changement de décor!
Moi je me suis baignée (très rapidement) aujourd'hui car il faisait un temps magnifique mais ce soir j'ai de nouveau mon pull! Profitez bien et bronzez bien!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Ahah! So that's how you gave Arthur two heads...and here I thought he had been hexed during Halloween.

Can't wait to see your photos of Egypt. I hope to put some more pictures of NZ up today (if I get time).

Dr.John said...

I wait the pictures from Egypt. I understand the two dogs. We had my son's springer here yesterday and they were like two kids.