15 Nov 2008


When you read this I sit in the plane from Brussels to Hurghada (Red Sea) in Egypt (see map) or I have just arrived. It takes about 4 1/2 h to get there. We will leave at 6.30 h at Brussels airport and will arrive at 12.30 pm local time. There are two hours difference.

For security checks everybody has to be at the airport 2h before the departure of the plane. But as my friend needs wheelchair assistance because she has one leg dammaged by polio when she was 6, we have to be there only 1 1/2 h before. In the morning half an hour counts ! This service is very well organized internationally.

They take the documents and luggage and you just have to sit there until somebody comes and picks you up with a little electric car, which drives us until the gate. We are then seated in the plane before all other passengers. At the arrival in Egypt somebody picks us up and does the paperwork (visa, etc) for us too and picks up our luggage. This service is free of charge. At least it allows people with a handicap to travel more easily.

A taxi will drive us then to the Hotel.

The airport in the desert

a view of Hurghada out of the plane

and a street.

The actual temperature there is around 28°C (82 °F) ! What a changement for us coming from 6°C (42°F) smog and rain !

These pictures are not from me, I will start to take pictures as soon as we arrive.

Wish me a good internet connection and I will be there tomorrow !


MaR said...

You sit in the plane right now, I checked the time, lol.
That sounds like a wonderful place to visit any time of the year, arrive safely, looking forward to your reports.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Enjoy your time in the warmth and sun, Gattina. I arrived back in the sun and the warmth a couple of days ago...I have now thawed out!

Jeanette said...

Gday Gattina, Have a wonderful holiday in the Sun.. lovely Photo's of the start of your trip...

Maribeth said...

Have fun, dearest, Gattina! I will think of you as we cruise the Caribbean!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are beautiful! Sure you will have good time in Hurghada! Stay tuned to see your first pictures of the Red Sea!