9 Nov 2008


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Today I take you on a little walk through "Dreamland". It's a big shop (like a supermarket) and sells decoration stuff and mostly toys but also gadgets.

There were quite a lot of people.

To my big surprise I was greated with Christmas decoration ! Already ! I just prepare myself for my holidays in Egypt in one week and I certainly don't think about Christmas now !

This year's decoration looked quite ugly to me ! Everything in black or white, no Christmas colors !

Maybe that is chic and elegant, but I prefer a cosy red and golden Christmas tree and not a cold white artwork !

Then I walked there where gift articles where exposed. There were quite some cute once like "Hello Kitty"


cars and lots of other toys.

And just besides the toys, ingrediants for a nice Christmas meal were displayed

what do you prefer ?

and for those who are always late, I suggest this clock !

I honnestly prefer this one !


Maribeth said...

Oh those are too funny, Gattina. The pasta and the clock! My Hubby would just love those! LOL!

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

ah Gattina- you are wicked LOL I think the pasta and the clock are neat can you imagine the guest reaction !

Anonymous said...

I wanna go!!

Lisa said...

Now where else can you get Hello Kitty and penis pasta all in the same shopping trip? How great!

Hootin' Anni said...

Great store....but, PENIS pasta? Sorry, I almost choked when I read that on the box. Oh my oh my...I'd love to boil those 'til tender! [sorry, couldn't help myself ---nasty, I know. But, that's me!]

Love all the holiday decorations...this is so my time of year...from October to the first of the year, so many cool things in stores.

Jientje said...

Ohhh Gattina, I think I prefer my penis pasta "al dente"!!

Anonymous said...

One stop shopping, pick up your white plastic christmas tree and boobs pasta all at one place! HELLO KITTY!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

My sister brought me penis colorful pasta from Florence! We ate them and they were delicious!
We have a such shop near our Lidl and Carnivar! It is called GIGA! I will go and have a look if they sell Penis Pasta and Kama Soutra clock too!

Anonymous said...

LOL at the pasta!! Imagine serving that to your kids, and trying to answer the questions!
What a lot of stuff!

Lady Katherine said...

Funny!! pasta! love the doll, and cars, I need to shop for the grans

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the store tour. ♥ all the CHRISTmas decorations~that's my fave time of year. I had to LOL @ the pasta though~we don't have that here in Georgia, USA! That's just a hoot!!

Anonymous said...

Talk about one stop shopping! Too funny.