8 Nov 2008


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Did it ever happen to you, that early morning you arrive in your kitchen with half closed eyes fishing for your first cup of coffee and you find blood stains on the floor ?? This happened to me yesterday morning.

What had happened here ? Did the CSI Waterloo (not Miami) work in my kitchen overnight and cut corpses in pieces ? Or was it simply my old cat Lisa who had forgotten herself but now had blood in her urine ? My first thought was rather impossible because there would be more blood probably. The second one was not exact either because after checking the "blood" it didn't smell at all. I pushed a deep sigh of relieve I had seen myself already running with cat Lisa to the vet.

Then I looked closer. This red stains seemed to come from my fridge !

I opened it and ....

it was the deepfreezed red cabbage !! I had put it in the fridge and not in the deepfreeze because I wanted to prepare it for the evening. But then I had changed my mind forgot about the cabbage and had prepared another plate.

I took a sponge and cleaned it up, taking the opportunity to clean out the whole thing !

Next time I will put such red stuff in a plate !


Melli said...

UGH! I hate it when things like that happen! Unexpected messes should be outlawed!

Anonymous said...

lol. Oh dear !!!!

DianeCA said...

Hahaha...yes red cabbage will do it. Good stuff too, but not neccesarily on the floor. Glad it wasn't anything dramatic. And in answer to your question, no I don't usually wake up to puddles of blood LOL!

claudie said...

Violet blood! I know this style of problem! We are often "distraits"! Ha ha the green mouses of Rosie are on the picture!

Janis said...

I'm sure your heart did a flip flop, glad it was just a mess and not your kitty.

Jana said...

Well - I never found puddles thankfully, but have found small body parts like feet and beaks and tails, and streaks of blood. I never saw blood that looked like that cabbage leak though.