24 Oct 2010


Each morning I go with my little notebook on a terrace at the beach where I have Internet connection.

Yesterday morning I sat there and had put on the table a big ashtray which usually stands in a metal support, because there were no others and I didn't want to spoil the environment. I know that smoking is bad for the health so it is useless to leave me a comment in this regard.

A waiter went by, saw the enormous ashtray and asked if I needed such a big thing, I said no, but there is nothing else. No problem he said, I bring you a smaller one in a minute.
I continued my work.

15 min later came another waiter, looked on my table, pointed on the monster ashtray and asked if I needed such a big one, I said, no, but there is no smaller one. No problem he said I will bring you one in a minute.

I continued my typing. Half an hour later arrived the first waiter, looked at the big ashtray and said "Gosh ! I forgot ! Wait a minute I bring you one in a minute ! And he disappeared.

I continued my comments, looked on my watch. An hour has passed by and I still was sitting there with my big ashtray.

I got up, gathered my things and went for breakfast with Domi who meanwhile had joined me.
I ignore if the two waiters brought or brought not a little ashtray I will see it tomorrow morning.

Still waiting for a smaller one !


Jo said...

LOL at the forgetfulness of the waiters, Gattina. You look STUNNING in your summery gear - all in the vogue for Africa. I'm trying to catch up on your Egypt holiday and working backwards, ha! Have a great day. (Let us know if you get your smaller ashtray!) Blessings and hugs Jo

diane said...

At least you had an ashtray. Just as well it wasn't breakfast that you were waiting for them to bring.

Maribeth said...

Love your beach dress! Oh you look so warma nd happy in the sunshine! It is cold and cloudy again today. The only brightness here are the foliage on the trees!

The Chair Speaks said...

You look fabulous in that casual gear.
Maybe there were no small ashtrays so they had to buy and the waiters are still looking for it in the shops!
Well, Tortie will certainly say hi to Piccola, Mizi and Max if he sees them. :)

Melli said...

LOL! I'm sure those waiters had MUCH else on their minds the minute they are past you. At least you HAD an ashtray! Now... if you did NOT put the ashtray on your table and instead through them on the ground, THEN a small ashtray would QUICKLY appear on your table!!! :)

claudie said...

Sounds a beautiful terrace, where you sit!!! So did you find it the last morning or not?

Anonymous said...
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