26 Oct 2010


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In my world I am still on holidays enjoying the sunshine and the beach

hanging over a door leading to the beach

self speaking

must be nice to have a house up there

late afternoon, view from my window


EastCoastLife said...

How lovely! The water looks so inviting!
Enjoy your holiday and take more pictures.

Linens and Royals said...

Only one word to say...Perfect

diane said...

Ancient beaches, ancient sun and young you.

claudie said...

Only one word: chanceuse!!!
Lucky you are!!! I would want to be with you!!!

A Lady's Life said...

One sure could get used to this kind of living.
It's good for old people to sit by the beach smell the salty air and take in the sun's warmth by such a lovely view.It's nice to have a job in a place like this instead of a stuffy office.

Melli said...

I LOVE how every umbrella has a privacy screen! You never see THAT in America! As a matter of fact... you would never see THAT much ROOM between umbrellas! We are packed in at the beach like SARDINES!