28 Oct 2012


This morning I had to sleep one hour longer ! What a shame ! Although I agree, I saved a little bit of electricity because when I woke up I had daylight and didn't have to use our electricity. I mean normally I shouldn't have used it, but as it was so grey outside I could hardly find my slippers and had to switch on the light anyway.

I had set my clock on the bedside table to winter time, checked my computer who had done it alone, Mr. G. had taken care of the rest, only he had forgotten the Microwave, but that didn't change anything in the warm up process.

The cats didn't care they don't have paw-watches, they want to eat when they are hungry which means at 6 am or during the whole night, but for that I have dry food.

Therefore we started our day as usual, and only realized the electricity saving at 5 pm, because it got dark and we had to switch on the light one hour earlier otherwise we would have to sit in the dark.

So honnestly why are we forced to change time if we have to use electric light one hour earlier ? I suspect that this is again the politician's way of saving money.


jennyfreckles said...

It's the same for us. It's not so much the energy saving (or not) that I mind. But I find it hard to train my body to go to sleep and wake up at a new time. And just when I have, we change back the clocks again!

Jo said...

Wow, that sounds complicated, all the time changes this time of the year! I agree with you that cats don't have paw watches (lol!) Shadow starts his deep yeowling at about 4.30am demanding I get up and feed them their wet food. The other two sit behind him, not uttering a sound but expecting me to obey! They are tired of dried kibbles by morning! Hope you have a great week ahead! Jo

claudie said...

Politicians find always the way to make us angry!!! Perhaps they live on another planet! Funny cartoons!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I'm ready for ours to turn back to standard time (which won't happen until November 7 here). It's too dark in the morning now.