2 Nov 2012


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1. The week was rather boring, not to speak about the weather and my cold loves me so much that it doesn't want to leave me. The only possibility to go outside was going inside somewhere. To cheer me up I went to a very big toy store

which is really a dreamland for kids ! From baby age til teenagers they really have everything. As Toby's birthday approaches, I updated myself on the last toy fashion and finally found something very nice. It's only for November 17th, so it's a secret.

2. My friend Nicole asked me to help her with her curtains to hang them up because they are very large, of course we combined this "work" with a long chat coffee and cake.

Her dog Charly was happy about the company but even more when he shared the cake with us !

3.The beautiful bouquet my son brought me three weeks ago started to striptease slowly, slowly

which doesn't bother Arthur who collects the leaves on his back.

4. Since more than three years this house was built and is still empty. Nobody knows exactly why ! The other day I heard a terrible noise and when I looked out of the window I saw a big metal arm collecting something, fortunately it was still daylight otherwise it would have been quiet spooky !

There is never a move in this house, although somebody sometimes opens and closes the windows.


Since I started this blog 6 years ago, this was the first year , that I couldn't make any Halloween pictures. There was simply nothing. Not in the shop windows, no Halloween party in the Waterloo park and in our street only one house was "decorated" and that was the first time ! My other neighbor who always had such a nice Halloween decoration,  had done nothing, probably because their son is now too "old" ! I went to Ilona, because in her area there was always Halloween decorations in the street, but there too, nothing. So we we decided to be witches who take a cup of tea together and I went home without pictures.

5. There was "All Saints" day which is a holiday in Belgium, and the use is that the whole population visits graveyards to clean the graves and put flowers on them. The whole year the graveyards look rather dull, but on this one day it's full of crysanths which are used as grave decorations. There is even a big reportage in the News about the graveyard visits all over Belgium.

I love this plant because it even blooms in November and bought two for our frontyard, despite the fact that there is no grave there (at least not to my knowledge), but it rained so much that I couldn't plant them yet. I wanted to go on the old Waterloo cimetary, with beautiful statues and take some pictures, but with my faithful cold,  I decided to stay inside and not risk to find myself at the place of crysanths !

Rosie celebrated perfectly "All Saints" Day.


Mara said...

There's nothing Hallowe'eny in my neighbourhood either. I wonder what Norway will be like?

EastCoastLife said...

You are still nursing that cold? Poor Gattina. *hugs*

Halloween is not widely celebrated in Singapore but the young people love to have fun on this day, they just have the makeup not much decorations are put up in the offices, malls or houses.

Barbara H. said...

I sure hope that cold goes away soon.

I haven't been in a toy store in ages. I am looking forward to exploring them when we have grandchildren.

The chrysanthemums look nice. I wonder how the tradition started to decorate all the graves at once. Here people change the flowers at graves out throughout the year, especially at the different holidays.

Kathie said...

I visited a new toy store this week too - we now have a Toys R Us in our capital city. I just wandered around - no purchases but I'm sure I will around Christmas.

The mums are gorgeous! They look so pretty in the fall.

Hope that cold goes away soon!

Jientje said...

Of course I'm the lucky one. Living in the commercial heart of my little town like I do, I got to photograph plenty of Halloween ambiance. At least you always have your cats, they're so photogenic! Arthur looks like such a gentle cat, he does not get upset or bothered by anything it seems! That house looks very spooky, brrrr!

claudie said...

No Halloween here to!!! Sounds people prefer keep their money for christmas! I just spoke about happy and crazy witches to my pupils this year!! I think parents do something with their children as it is really funny for them if you try to imagine some costums with things you have at home and make up!

Willow said...

No Halloween deco around my neighborhood either.
Your friend's dog certainly looks like he was enjoying the visit too.

jennyfreckles said...

It's interesting that you have a day when everyone goes to the graves. I'm not sure that anyone ever cleans in our graveyards. Hope your cold is soon better - but it looks like a weekend to stay warm and cosy here too. Rain and wind.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Get over that cold! Gosh that's too long. Glad your sense of humor hasn't been bothered by the cold though -- it's still doing fine ;>)

Susanne said...

Work with a coffee and cake reward sounds good to me!

Those big toy stores are something else. My kids used to get totally overwhelmed in them!

Hope your cold disappears this week. That is too long!

Brenda said...

Sounds like a good week with time spent with friends. Love the cat pictures!

Susan said...

I live in a an apartment complex and many people had decorations up because the best decorated place got a cash prize. I am never home on Halloween so I don't decorate. Next year I will take photos.

How wonderful that your flowers have lasted so long. I liked how poetically you talked about them slowly losing their petals.

Very nice of you to help your friend hang curtains. Nice reward afterwards - for the both of you - by having a chat, coffee and cake. Yummmm.