20 Apr 2012


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1. Normal life returned to Belgium, because when there are school holidays, everything changes even the bus timetables ! I am forced to have holidays too for all of my weekly activities. No Acqua Gym, no Yoga and no Painting ! I am also an unemployed grandma, because we don't live in the same country.

After our Acqua gym we had a long "tea time" chatting and one of my classmates who had to go home breastfeeding her little 3 month old boy, told us that she was 45 and the baby had arrived completely unexpected ! The first boy was born with the help of "in vitro" 9 years ago because they couldn't get a child !First she thought she started her menopause, and nearly fainted when her gynecologist told her that she was pregnant and this time in the normal way ! Isn't that surprising?

2. My feet started to ache in my shoes, no surprise my footnails looked like my cat's claws ! I went to the pedicure and now I feel better. She is a young woman of 34 and we were talking about the groups or singers still in fashion who are dead meanwhile like Freddy Mercury and Michael Jackson whom she likes especially.

3.We also had our yoga classes again and I learned to do "gymastic" with my eyes. Now I am specialist to peer on people discretely !


The weather couldn't be more bad, it rains and storms and it's cold so finally I managed to put a new curtain on the shelf in the guestroom's bathroom. I fixed it with two cute hairclips.

I also got this cute cat for my cat collection from my cleaning lady which she had brought me from Poland. Soon I need to built a second house !

5. Bad weather or not, Ilona, Chantal and I decided to have lunch together in our favorite Asian restaurant. We had a wonderful lunch and after that we returned to my home and had coffee there and chatted until 5 pm ! Now the world is better !


Linens and Royals said...

School holidays here too, lots of children running around. I stay away from shopping centres.
I will have to find an eye gymnastics class here so I can stare at people discreetly without my eyes wide and my mouth hanging open.

Jo said...

Oh LOL, you certainly cheer me up with your Friday Fave Five! I love that you now can peek at people discreetly after doing eye gymnastics. That is a lovely cat your house-lady gave you. And I love the hair clip detail on your pretty bathroom curtains. Have a great weekend. Jo

Cezar and Léia said...

Oh gosh, I'envious here... you all are lucky girls!Go out together to have lunch and chatting is wonderful!

Kathie said...

Thank you for the morning laugh with your cartoon!!

The clips on your curtain are such a nice touch!

Hope the weather turns sunny and warm for you soon!

Happy weekend!

sarah said...

Thank you for 5 nice stoyies. They are amusing.
The fiest story is surprising. It's good news for the late marriges. More and more people tend to get married later in life around me.
Take care of your cat's claws.

Unknown said...

I love yellow and I see beautiful pattern on your photos. ^_^

Barbara H. said...

That's interesting that so many things close down when the schools are out. Is it because all the people working would have to pay for child care? Or I imagine it could be to give the families time together.

I've never had a pedicure. I don't think I could stand for other people to touch my feet.

Your new cat is cute and your #5 sounds like a wonderful way to brighten up a gloomy day.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Cute cat!

A lunch with friends is sure to brighten your day, isn't it?

Have a great week!

Susanne said...

Those curtains are certainly a nice cheery color. I love fresh colors in a bathroom.

Thinking of you doing eye gymnastics is cracking me up.

Sounds like a great day with your girlfriends. I can hardly wait to retire so I can start doing fun things like that.

Hope said...

Sounds like a very nice week. Those curtains are so cheerful. I love yellow. And the cat decoration is adorable. Interesting that everything else closes down with a school vacation. I love to hear how things are in other countries. Sorry your weather hasn't been good, but at least you made the best of it!

ellen b said...

Ha! I love get togethers like that where you feel you've solved all the worlds problems by the time you are done. Have a wonderful weekend.

Brenda said...

Lol, "unemployed grandma", I guess that can happen! Glad you are back to your regular activities!

Willow said...

What a clever idea to use the hairclips to hold the curtain--very creative.
Unexpected babies are a great blessing--that's a wonderful story.
lol--cute cartoon!

Carrie said...

That baby certainly would have been surprising, yes! But what a blessing!

Hope this finds you in the middle of a great weekend!