26 Nov 2009


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As you may have noticed I am back from Egypt

13. random tales

1. On the flight back, no problem with the wheelchair, I had complained. We were received by a friendly man with the wheelchair, conducted through check in and customs.

2. At the pass control, I pushed Chantal's wheelchair, unfortunately also over the feet of the policeman. It was his fault he didn't move a bit to make me some space !! He really got angry but a gave him my sweet "sorry" smile.

3. I noticed again, that as soon as a man wears an uniform he takes himself for very important. Especially cops. Without, and naked they all look the same I suppose, I didn't check.

4. A truck with an elevator picked us up and drove us to the plane.

5. Over Brussels the plane moved like a happy dog tail it was very windy

6. Mr. G for once found us immediately. Usually I have to call him and find him standing behind me because he hadn't seen me. But this time he couldn't miss us because of the wheelchair.

7. The cats noticed my coming back with different reactions.

8. Next morning I opened the shutters and wanted to close them again right away. Instead of blue sky, palm trees and a bright sunshine I saw all grey and wet and the wind whistled around the house.

9. I did like my cats, I refused to go out ! There was still some food in the fridge and Mr. G. had done some shopping.

10. I missed the fight to get a coffee spoon, cup and plate. Everything was there. Mr. G. refused to play a Russian.

11. Then normal life had me back ! I unpacked my suitcase and throw everything in the washing machine

12. I went shopping and didn't have to haggle (how boring)

13. I spent the morning at the phone informing everybody about my holiday adventures

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The truck with the elevator drove us directly to the plane's door. I think it is wonderful what had been done to help handicapped people to travel



To all my American friends


Loree said...

Mr G refused to play a Russian - that's hilarious.

Maribeth said...

Wonderful! It looks very comfy for Chantal

Melli said...

Oh! Mr. G should have hidden every bloomin' thing in the HOUSE! AND broke your bed! Then maybe you would have been happy! ;)

Thank you for that adorable Thanksgiving wish! I hope YOU have a Happy THURSDAY as well! If you'd like, you may feel free to eat too much today!

Lifecruiser said...

How interesting to see the truck and how they help handicapped!!! I agree with you there.

..and i would also have shut the blinds... in fact I try to do that every day over here because we've hardly seen the sun in MONTHS now... *deep sigh*

claudie said...

And the usual life is back now! Thanks for sharing your adventures each day! It was like we were a little with you and chantal in Egypt!!!