12 Dec 2009


Each time I attend a very sad event I try to be strong and help, but when it is over I feel very empty and tired. Then I try to get out of this depressive mood and usually look for something to buy just to cheer me up. No clothes, no shoes, no bags or something like that, no, I need something funny which makes me laugh and when I look at it I still can think that life is good.

That's what I did this day too, when I had to comfort my friend whose cat had died in the morning. On my way back I looked for a shop to buy something, but there only were stores for food or vegetables, which certainly wouldn't help me. But there was one store a kind of "Flea market", where I often go for photo hunting because they have so funny things for sale. I thought about a little cat.

I went in the store and saw all kind of things, african masks, elephant figurines, crosses, stuffed deer heads etc. but no cats. Suddenly a thing catched my attention. It was a fat porcellain buddha with kids climbing all over him. He was so fat and had such a big and happy smile that I had to smile too. That was the (useless) thing I needed, although I would have prefered that he was covered with cats and not with kids, but at the end I found this very nice too. I asked the guy for the price. He took the buddha in his hands, looked doubtfully at me and said : "You will by this ??" I said, yes, how much is it ?
"I give it to you for 5 € (7.30 $), I am happy to get rid of it !" I laughed, took my buddha and went home.

I smuggled him in my room, (although Mr. G. is used to my strange buying attacks) sat him under my sunflowers and smiled and felt much better. (Mr. G. even after 2 weeks hasn't noticed his presence yet !)

But then I wanted to know what kind of Buddha I had bought and his signification so I looked it up in Internet.

I had bought the Buddha of "Fulfillment" !! and its signification is :

Buddha with Children is a special item traditionally used by couples who want to have a child, or who want children chi in their lives. Place it in the Creativity Kua of your bedroom with other items that can welcome a child into your life.

Fortunately I don't have a "Creativity Kua" in my room or at least I think so, because I don't even know what it is, but, I thought, even if I am a little old for having children, I am still young enough to become a grandma !

and here he is my Buddha !

at his final place


Nicolanondoc said...

Quanta fantasia, Gattina, meravigliose le immagini :-)
buon fine settimana

EastCoastLife said...

I was wondering why the seller said,"You will buy this?"

After seeing the photo of the Buddha, I laughed. No wonder he said that!

Yes, you will be blessed with many grandchildren.

SandyCarlson said...

You are a good person. Your Buddha made me smile.

Nany said...

Hi sweetie...I love Bhudda's figurines but not the fat ones.. I like the hindi ones.. with his calm and serene face.. but when I saw the photo.. you make me smile too...Thnks for your cute history...Thanks for the advice of buying something when I am lack of energy haha.. Hugs and Happy Holidays

Melli said...

HE is adorable! And he is JUST the thing for an almost soon to be maybe grandma! (rub his tummy! and then rub it once for ME too!)

My Grama's Soul said...

I love your Buddha! It is so happy - it certainly brought a smile to me face.



Gledwood said...

I was told some of those Eastern statues ~ and that looks like it could be one of them ~ aren't always Buddha but sometimes Taoist things like money gods. One who sits down smiling with a massive belly is sposed to be the money god... but I couldn't tell you anything else apart from that!

PS in response to what you said about taxes... I found out 3 nice places ~ Andorra, Monte Carlo and the Bahamas where you pay no income tax at all!!

Anonymous said...

I just love your Buddha :)You are indeed one terrific person :)

diane said...

It does make you want to smile. I'm glad he cheered you up and maybe he'll bring you grandchildren.

Ayie said...

we had this kind of buddha but I think it broke already due to very old age...I remember playing with it and putting coins when i was 3 or 4