5 Apr 2016


Monday morning at a quarter to 3 am I got up, dressed and Mr. G. drove me to the airport. There was a long line of cars and military trucks and 8 or 9 soldiers heavily armed with machines guns, and black socks with two holes (for the eyes) on their heads. If they wouldn't have been in uniform, I would have taken them for bank robbers. They stopped car by car to check if we had boarding cards. I had and Mr. G. was allowed to drive me into the parking and from there I followed the sheep flock until the entrance of the airport.

Fortunately it was not winter and snowing ! Then our passports were again checked by two soldiers. Inside again by two employees before we could get rid of our luggage. Controls again, I had to open my suitcase, probably I looked like a Granny terrorist. Then finally we could take the airplane. The whole procedure had lasted 2 h for 1 1/2 h flight. But then came a big surprise in Marseille. Instead of walking through the airport to the exit, we were again controlled, which is absolutely not right in between the countries of the European Union ! And the worst was, from 4 counters only one was open with two guys who controlled the passports and identity cards ! I felt like in Egypt ! When it was my turn and the guy saw my German passport he waved me away like a naughty fly he only controlled the Belgians. We are all terrorists apparently. I thought how crazy is that, the terrorists must rub their hands causing so much trouble, they certainly won't attack twice an airport and certainly not such a little one like Marseille.

It was very early at 8.30 I was already sitting in the airport hall enjoying a coffee, when Claudie came and picked me up.

The weather was not as usual when I am here, it was cloudy and rather cool but it was nice to drive through the mountains again !

I was very tired in the afternoon and fell asleep reading a book. Claudie had gone shopping. In the evening her highly pregnant daughter came over together with her boyfriend. She looked as if she had swallowed a football (soccer) ! It will be a little girl. We had supper together and then I went to bed and slept through until 8.30 am !

The next day the sun came out and it also was much warmer. I spent the morning sitting on the terrace taking a sunbath !

In the afternoon we visited a friend of Claudie.

In her garden she had two enormous turtles 13 kgs each !! As they are two males they live in two separate enclosures and the winter they sleep like two stones in the dining room. They were so beautiful !

I took this picture from Claudie's daughters flat, we picked her up and as it was so nice and warm
we went to the sea !

And there we sat on the terrace of a café on the beach and had a drink ! It was the first time since November that I have seen a sea again ! Last time was in Egypt. It didn't look very blue, but that will certainly be for tomorrow !


Andrew said...

It is such a waste of time and money to be checking the suitcase of someone like you. Here an eighty year old white woman can and do get checked for traces of explosives. It's rubbish, and as you say it gives a victory to the terrorists. Enjoy your holiday and I hope it is nice and sunny for you.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Thank heavens you made it safely and thanks for letting us know. What a hassle that all was. Enjoy the sunshine and the sea!!

Tamago said...

Sounds like security check was very tight. Not surprising based on the recent event, but it's a lot to go through for 1 1/2 hour flight!
I visited Marseille long, long time ago. I remember it was such a lovely place. Enjoy the stay :-)

peppylady (Dora) said...

I don't know how I would feel about arm guards.
Coffee is on

diane b said...

It is a shame that terrorists have caused these inconveniences. I hope you have a happy, sunny and safe holiday.

Linens and Royals said...

Please tell me Claudie is not going to make Turtle soup and the Turtles are just pets.

Jo said...

Such a shame terrorists are causing so much inconvenience and expense! I'm pleased you eventually got to Claudie safely. Is the highly pregnant daughter, the girl whom you helped set up a flat about 18 months ago? Enjoy the sea tomorrow. Winter has arrived here in South Africa and I'm not impressed. Brrr. xxx

Fun60 said...

Security is always tight at the UK airports but you are not checked before you enter although there are armed guards at the doors. I wonder what's in store for me when I fly to Naples this Sunday, also will have to leave at 3.30am! Hope the sun is shining bright for the rest of your holiday.