11 Apr 2016


Again a beautiful day and we went to the habour of Toulon to visit an old sailing ship from 1923.

We walked along the habor and admired all the beautiful yachts and boats. (the picture above shows Claudie's daughter Anna with me)

There were lots of people who enjoyed the warm sun too and sat on the various terraces having an ice cream or drink and watching people going by.

The sailing boat's name was Marité and once inside, I thought I was walking on a moving ground. Anna pregnant, had to sit down, so we didn't really look at everything because on top the air was bad.

Then we sat on a terrace and watched Brazilian dancers. They had a lot of success !

On our way home, as it was still quite early we stopped at the Beach ! There were also many people as there were Spring holidays and some of them even swam in the sea !

Anna was happy to be outside, she is really in the last days of her giving birth to a little girl. I had ordered a beer without alcohol (NA) as I don't like sodas or sweet drinks and they served me a Tourtel beer, which usually is very good, but in this one which unfortunately was a new invention they had added lemon ! So it was like a lemon soda, disgusting !

Happy with our day we returned home where Pierre, Claudie's husband had prepared us a delicious supper, a roasted porc with veggies and little potatoes, called "grenailles". 


Mara said...

In the Netherlands they used to do an absolute awful alcohol free beer. You were better off drinking ditch water! Here in Norway however, they have one that tasted like beer and not a single drop of alcohol in it!

Terra Hangen said...

That large sailing ship would be fun to visit, and congratulations will soon be in order for Anna and a soon to be new baby and family member.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Claudie has a wonderful husband! What a great time you had.