12 Apr 2016


It was very windy yesterday and we first hesitated to go to the sea, but then it calmed down and we went to the Sanary habour.

I love this place it's always very animated and the habour is so beautiful with all these colorful boats.

We went into a restaurant specialized in making "galettes" which are crepes filled with meat or vegetables whatever you want, I watched how they made mine with an egg. It was delicious.

In the afternoon the wind started again, so we lay lazily on the terrace and Claudie from time to time pulled out some weeds. Of course she woke up an ant army in their ford and we had an ant invasion.

While I was reading Claudie exercised for her piano lessons

The veggies are growing quite quickly, when I arrived there was nothing in the pots.

and of course as it doesn't rain or not enough, Pierre had to water the veggie pad.

My holidays are coming to an end still two days left and I will return into the rain !


Andrew said...

You may have already checked the weather forecast at home, but I hope it will be ok for your return. At least you are able to get away from bad weather for a time.

colleen said...

Crepes and boat rides and home grown veggies. Sounds delightful.

Tamago said...

The harbour is so picturesque! And the galettes sound yummy!
I hope the ants got under control :-)

Terra Hangen said...

You are having a lovely relaxing holiday, the best kind.

Loree said...

Rain would be welcome here. The Sahara sent us a very dusty wind and now everything is orange. We need some rain to clean it off of the houses and everything else.

diane b said...

Apart from not enough rain it sounds like a nice place to live. You are lucky to enjoy it every year.