14 Apr 2016


This evening I am flying home. The 10 days went by so fast ! Yesterday we have been in Marseille and made a sightseeing tour, to see a maximum in a minimum of time. The city is really very beautiful.

Now I will enjoy the last rays of the sun

and then I am off to the airport, I only hope that the check in will not last for hours until they have studied all passports one by one and checked the suitcases and in Brussels South it will be the same as if somebody has entered the plane while we were flying !

Apparently the two countries don't trust each other !


Maribeth said...

I have not flown Internationally since the bombings, but I imagine the security is very tight. I know after 9/11 no one trusted anyone for a long time. Now, since Brussels we are also on high secrurity.

Gracie said...

Never have from what I know....have a safe trip back home

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure time moves faster when you're on a holiday! Safe and swift travels home.

Sandra Carlier said...

The time went so quickly ! And now school again ! I cry !