29 Sept 2011


Jenny Matlock
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When I checked in in the Balliol College in Oxford, where I had booked a student's room I was given a map on which was written that I had to go to staircase XXII. Fortunately I hadn't slept in school when we learned the roman numbers so I knew that I had to go to staircase n° 22 !

X is used for many things. If I sign XXX that doesn't mean that I can't sign but that I send 3 kisses. I noticed that Americans kiss with OXOXO which has nothing to do with the Oxo Stock Cubes, but I never found out what the O means.

When it comes to clothes the X can be rather depressive. If you have size XS then you are rather a big child or a skinny tiny person. If your size is XL it depends the brand. In Italy for example I would have to buy XXL while in other countries it only is XL. Usually it doesn't go further than XXXL, and that's already enormous.

Wikipedia describes XXL as follows : Plus size clothing is a general term given to clothing proportioned specifically for larger sized or overweight people.Full figured is generally for sizes 12 up to size 20 and Plus size refers generally to clothing labelled size 22 and upwards for women.

When I had read this, I got rather depressed ! Why do I have to wear XL ? I jumped on my balance but my weight hadn't changed and then suddenly I understood ! I have to wear XL because of my height and not because of my width ! My cheerful mood of this morning came back immediately !

There are a lot of meanings for X, if you are curious, just read here


H said...

I love the cartooon of the mugged Roman, though over here it would be IX IX IX of course.

Fun post. Thank you :)

jfb57 said...

Brilliant set of Xs there! It is strange that as a kiss it is great but as a dress size it isn't!

Judie said...

How clever, Gattina!!! It's interesting just how much sizes have changed over the years. When I was young, we didn't even have the X sizes.

And the O's stand for hugs!!


Cathy Kennedy said...

I had to laugh at the last cartoon. Great! I really liked your creative approach on posting about the letter 'X'. I'd say you deserve to get an Xcellent grade by Miss Jenny! Just saying is all. Maybe, she'll pick up on the hinting, what do you think? lol

Today’s post…
X is for

Have a good Thursday!
Cathy Kennedy,
Children's Author, “The Tale of Ole Green Eyes”

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I agree the Roman is so cute!

Reader Wil said...

At the high school we learnt for algebra that X was the great unknown. Your post is very interesting and full of humour. I like the cartoons.
Thanks for your comment. Yes the flemish part of Belgium is very much like my country. Together we are the lowlands. I love mountains but as we haven't any over here, I have learnt to love this polder landscape as well.Until the age of 12 I lived in a mountainous country, Indonesia.

Francisca said...

And next Alphabe-Thursday X round you'll tell us all about X-rated, Gattina? :-D Very clever. When X is kiss, O is hug... not as popular in Europe as in America. And in America you seldom see beso-beso. (If the links don't show up on Jenny's blog, just refresh the page, that will usually bring them back.)

Lifecruiser Travel said...

The only thing that comes in my mind with X is that we say "ex husband" or x boyfriend about our former partners.... Normally not so positive thoughts... *giggles*

Susan Anderson said...

Great post, Gattina!

(the Os are hugs)


Sandra Carlier said...

Funny! Love the cartoons! Now I know why Tor send me des xoxoxo at the end of his messages to me! And the significations of the xxx in Europe!

A Lady's Life said...

xoxoxoxo - hugs and kisses.

These sizes are funny.Sometimes you buy your size and it a childs xl
or so it seems. but loose clothing is always better than being caught in tight things.

Maryhocam said...

Great take on the letter x. I love the cartoons.

ellen b. said...

Wish I had an excuse for having to wear XL but I'm not tall enough to use that excuse! I'm glad you were cheered up!

Caroline said...

Love your post! I love that Roman cartoon. It made me laugh. I thought...by the time he finishes telling what number to call he'll be unconscious. LOL The O means hugs. Hugs and Kisses OXOX Thanks for stoppin by aprons & Old lace.

Ames said...

I would love to be an XS again!

Lola said...

Love this ‘X’ post and blog!

And thanks too for stopping by.

Have a great weekend & look forward to *seeing* you again next time,


Eliza Wynn said...

Great post!

Jenny said...

Hi lovely lady!

What an xcellent X post! This made me smile.

The O's stand for hugs, but I guess they could mean broth.

I hear you on the XX thing. Some expensive brands label their clothing size 1, 2 and 3 but I've never really felt more petite when I've bought them.

I really enjoyed this post!