26 Sept 2011


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Summer came back at least for the weekend ! It was warm and the sun shining, so of course everybody wanted to go out and savour the last summer days. I went with Ilona to a Gospel Festival as we had done last year.

There were a lot of people and also the traditional "Frites Kot" which is a typical Belgian chips stand. Years ago you found them everywhere on all street corners around the station on places etc, but now they disappear more and more a part of the folklore went away with them. This one was quiet huge and modern, but the frites were served in the big traditional paper cones. You can see Ilona enjoying her chips on the picture. We had nice seats just in front of the stage and sitting in the sunshine we listen to the Gospels. It was a real nice afternoon.

On Sunday morning I accompanied Dominique to the Midi Market in Brussels, because she wanted to buy fabric to make curtains for her refurbished living room. Fabric is so cheap on the market it's unbelievable. We paid 5 € for one meter of fabric (6.70 $ /39 inches) she for the curtains and I to cover the chairs of the dining room, which had been in cat Rosie's care to sharpen her claws.

I also bought this beautiful velvet caftan for only 6 €, to wear inside instead of a bath robe. Happy with our shopping we took the train back which was 8 min late and we also had to change the platform. For the moment taking public transport becomes a nightmare !

In the afternoon Dominique's son and DIL arrived with their two children, little Lucie is 4 days older than Toby both now 10 months old. Of course I wanted to see her just to compare.

I made a little collage of the little "couple" Lucy is dark haired and has brown eyes, Toby is bald but the few hairs he has are blond and he has blue eyes. Lucy crawls on hand and knees, Toby leaves his legs stretched out and slides on his hands and ellbows like a soldier. Both are getting their 4th tooth, so both noses are running. It will be fun when they are older and can play together when both are on visit at their grandma's !

In the evening Dominique kept us company to watch Inspector Barnaby in his Midsomer Murders !


Jo said...

Hi Gattina, I wanted to link my weekend post to yours, but cannot find a linky? Love your caftan and am amazed that the time has flown so. I remember when you went to the Gospel Festival last year (I was still in Khartoum, Sudan) I also have chairs which the cats (Ginger) are changing, mmm. Have a great week. Jo

Cezar and Léia said...

You are adorable wearing blue!What a nice event and your pictures are beautiful!
*** Yesterday I also enjoyed "Frites", hmmmm delicious!
Today, back to normal life and my diet! LOL

Linens and Royals said...

Another festival!!!!
Love the collage of Toby and Lucy, Toby looks so very manly with his bald head and trendy outfit.

Maribeth said...

It was summer here too. Ah well, I did not mind too much!

A Lady's Life said...

You had a lovely week end. The babies are cute and your new caftain is lovely.

Sandra Carlier said...

the frites kots!!! i would want to taste the famous Belgian chips!!!Ilona makes me hungry! What a beautiful caftan you found at the market! It is marvelous! How imagine this beautiful dress cost only 6 euros!!! I wear my pink one very often! beautiful collage with the babies!

Lifecruiser Travel said...

Summer temperatures over here too, seem like big parts of Europe got air from North Africa. Temporarily at least...

Love that caftan, must look great on, perfect really!