23 Dec 2009


My supervisor

since May 2007, today I have written

on this blog !

this indeed makes me wordless ! Can't believe it.


Pamela said...

no way! I haven't done that much in all three and a half years I've been blogging.

You are one prolific blogger!


catsynth said...

Congratulations on your 1000th post!
We had our 1000th post this December as well.

The picture with all the cats surrounding the computer is very cute. I have a few ceramic cats from Asia on my desk as well, though it's currently too messy to photograph and post.

Unknown said...

One thousand posts -- that's quite impressive. Congratulations on your persistence and creativity.


Anonymous said...

Arthur: That's right Madame Chat you get busy and don't stop until your finished...and don't think you are putting that hat on me... pffft

Madame Chat: meekly...okay


Great photos

lareine said...

I think Arthur is keeping an eye on you so you won't post "compromising" photos of him :).

Wow! This is your 1000th post! You are one prolific writer:)

Enjoy the holidays!

Vlado&Toni said...

wow, congratulations on your one thousand posts! wishing you ten thousand more :) you are such a good blogger... keep up the good work!

Melli said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAY! Congratulations! I bet I've read 998 of 'em! (I'm thinking I probably missed one or two at some point!) Usually I come back and catch them though! You are an accomplished blogger!

Marice said...

such a cutie cat! ;)

u may view mine here, have a happy holidays!

Calico Crazy said...

Congrats on reaching a thousand posts! Arthur is surely doing his job well. Merry Christmas! ~ Calico Contemplations

claudie said...

Ha! Ha! Arthur is so cute!!!
Congratulation for your 1000th post! And I must say I prefer read your blog than look the tV!!! Your articles are more funny and interesting!

BK said...

Looked like your supervisor was watching you closely. :)

jillconyers said...

Great (and very unique) gift ideas!

Lifecruiser said...

I love your supervisor :-)

Well done, so many great posts!!!!