21 Dec 2009

FUN MONDAY - Christmas mail

Faye has following topic for us :

I've Got Mail--Holiday Mail." I'd like you to share the favorites you've received so far this year: Best All Around Card? Most Meaningful Message? Best Kid Photo? Best Family Newsletter? Most Insincere/Humorous Card? Also, how do you display your cards for all to enjoy?

I don't like mail. The whole year long there are only invoices in the mailbox, nobody of my knowledge writes letters anymore and then suddenly at Christmas time, the bills get company ! Christmas Cards !

When I was in my 30 - 40, I wrote tons of Christmas cards and I got tons too. Even my neighbours sent me one through the post, which was quite ridiculous. With the increasing prices of the stamps, nobody does it anymore, we throw our best wishes verbally over the fence or through the phone, or we just see each other.

I am not a Christmas card keeper, so after Christmas I tried to recuperate some for next year and the others landed in the garbadge. I felt sorry for the cards which probably had cost a fortune, but if I would have kept them all, I would have needed to built another house.

Since a few years I only answer Christmas cards. If I get one, I answer but mostly with a phone call or with a nice self made Christmas card which I send by email when the people have a computer or by mail if not. I think this year I sent 5.

The few I got are displayed on the mantle piece.

and that's what I are wishing you all ! (Cat Rosie was my model)


Anonymous said...

Madame Chat: Rosie hold Still

Rosie: Mom do I have to wear this hat?

Madame Chat: Yes you do now be a good girl

Rosie: If you insist

Madame Chat: I do

Rosie: pffft


MaR said...

No xmas cards here neither, I have only gotten 3 and I have answered them...without a card!!

Cute card :)

Gledwood said...

I used to buy a 20-pack of Xmas cards for £1, back when I was a pagan... (I'm not a pagan any more...)... but I remember a more UpperMiddleClass friend of mine holding one of my £1 shop cards to the light and saying "this would make an excellent stained glass window..!!" Yeah, lovely... So now I don't send cards to anyone!!

But I hope you have a merry time, Gattina, and Mr Gattina, if y'all are into that...

Hootin' Anni said...

Sending you holiday wishes for a peaceful happy Christmas and New Year!!

From Bud and Me to you...

Vlado&Toni said...

this year I am not sending any cards except the only 1 I already sent, now I just got a card from my neighbor so have to send one but definitely not via post!

Sayre said...

Rosie is a lovely representative of the holiday! How did you manage it???

Melli said...

Well, now I don't feel so bad. I have always sent Christmas cards and I've always kept it somewhere between 25 & 50 ... This year I sent 32. I have received 7. Each year it is less and less... I love Christmas cards... even if there is no message inside. I used to write a family letter and include it, but I don't anymore. Sometimes I have included a personal note in each one... this year I only put a personal note in a few. But still, I LOVE the cards! I don't want this tradition to fade away... but it looks like I'm being out-numbered on the vote!

Jan n Jer said...

While I love to receive Christmas cards..I have to admit...it is no longer high on my priority list to send them. The expense is a big reason why people stop or cut back. With my neighbors...I just hand deliver and also my family members. Its kind of sad that this tradition is dying out...but its hard to compete with modern technoloy (e mail...cell phones)to stay in touch and send greetings!

Faye said...

I think you should only do cards if it is something you enjoy. I just love anything handwritten. I also can see my friends in the cards they select--a lot about their personalities.

So nice of Rosie to cooperate for this lovely Christmas greeting. BTW, who takes care of the cats when you're away in the mountains for the holidays? I'm sure they don't want to do all that driving, even Arthur who's probably up for most anything! :-)

Happy holidays to you and yours, Gattina.

Jill said...

I have been keeping track of cards sent and gotten back for a couple of years. I think by the time next year rolls around, we'll know who we want to send something to, I think it will be a photo card of the baby (who will be 2!) and a letter instead of a card!

ChrisB said...

That is a sweet picture. I actually do send out a few cards and a Christmas newsletter. I love getting the newsletters from friends who are scattered far and wide.

Merry Christmas to you.

claudie said...

You created a beautiful Christmas card with Rosie!
I bought some Xmas cards but had no time to send them still!!! Xmas mail cards are practical!!! I would want to create one with photoshop if i could but I must learn before!

Living Life said...

I still enjoy receiving and sending cards at Christmas and all through the year. Using modern technology is a wonderful way to communicate, but to me, nothing beats a handwritten note.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

p.s. Love your card with Rosie!