6 Nov 2020


I am raking my brain to remember what I have done this week ! Since Monday we are  again locked in, and besides food shopping or looking for new medication in the pharmacies, there is not much to do outside as they shut down everything besides these two, no, I forgot the flowershops are open too, they call it essential shops. The flowers are probably essential for the cimetary. 

At home as we are a couple we are allowed to see one person when you live alone two. On Monday I thought I will do all things which I have neglected due to lack of energy, but unfortunately it wasn't better this day. Fortunately the sun was shining although it was quite cold and I took some pictures.

I discovered a new house across the street, which had been hidden because of the trees and 


also that the grass was white and not green anymore it had been cold during night and ground was frozen.

Little Rosie sits on her watch tower and observes what is going on outside. The garden furniture is well wrapped into a plastic and protected for the winter ! I just notice that I have done something !

My stone cats hold the plastic and even when the wind blows hard, it stays.

A friend came visiting me whom I hadn't seen for a long time she wanted to see our new home. She liked it very much. It was beautiful outside the sun flooded the room and it was so warm that I had to open the window. We talked about the different administrations you need when you move. Now you have to do everything by phone and wait for hours push buttons and wait for a human being.

I got 3 phone bills for October, I think they need a new accountant. The afternoon passed very quickly but we could still admire the beautiful sunset


I must say I almost have a home cinema with seasons step by step !  

We, my two friends and I had decided to do exactly the same like we did during the first lockdown. So we met and it was Nicole's turn. Despite her brain tumor she looks as if she enjoys the best health and has more energy than me ! The wig I had bought for her on Internet, suits her very well. M was in a good mood too, despite the Corona sick people in hospitals she had an apointment and got rid of the two tubes in her kidneys. Now she feels like a fish in the water and had already cleaned her swimming pool !

We spent a nice afternoon observed by Isis the cat and left when the sun went down ! Each day earlier ! I wonder where the daylight saving is if it gets dark at 5 pm !

Today we are mostly laughing about Trump who behaves like a 5 year old child, We are waiting for the first pictures of Trump's tantrum when he throws himself on the floor (attention to the old bones) and throws his arms and legs around. He just can't lose the Superman



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DUTA said...

ן don't take flowers to the cemetery as they stain the stone. I leave some nice pebbles as a sign and token of visiting the grave.
Beautiful sunset ,indeed!

William Kendall said...

A handy perch for Rosie.

Andrew said...

It would be funny to see Trump on the floor having a tantrum. At least you had one warm enough day to open a window. Isn't it so nice to have views of other people and other houses.

diane b said...

your header is so pretty. You are lucky to have such a nice outlook during lockdown. At last Melbourne have got their cases down to zero so their lockdown is easing bit by bit. They spent 111 days in lockdown. Poor Sonya is at breaking point. Fox is getting more difficult to handle everyday.

Wendy said...

I'm glad you're still getting to meet your friends. Boris has promised our lockdown will only be for 4 weeks. We will see.

Barbara Harper said...

You have such pretty views out your window. Glad Nicole and M are doing ok.

Willow said...

You do have wonderful views. And new houses to discover!
I feel bad that so many people are having to be in lockdown again! But you seem to have a good attitude and continue with your activities as you can.

Susanne said...

I once again did not get around the covering the deck furniture. Good idea putting those stone cats to work. Lovely views and sunset. Hopefully this lockdown will not be as long. Doctors are pushing for a short lockdown in our province right now too.