26 Jan 2020


The "last call" sounds a bit like a good bye forever, which I hope I won't
get so soon !

But I have another rather funny story. I had just started to work in a Belgian company where we were two employees, one for the accounting and I for the rest and the boss of course. We were selling leather coats and jackets and had also a few models to work for us and a whole working room where the women were sewing the pieces together.

I had just started to speak a quite fluent French but lots of words were missing and as I had also to answer the phone, I sometimes had difficulties to understand what the person on the other end told me.

One day it was beginning of December and I had a man on the phone who said that he was Santa Claus and wanted to speak to my boss. First I thought it was a joke but it didn't sound so and I put the conversation through. I told my boss "Santa Claus" is on the phone, which made him hesitate a bit probably thinking I had misunderstood, but then took the phone. Afterwards  I heard him and all the others laughing their heads off !

In fact we have a town in Belgium which is called St. Nicolas and the guy who phoned had given me his name and had said that he called from St. Nicolas. All I understood was St. Nicolas and as it was around December 6th it could have been true that a Santa Claus called. Anyway I hadn't thought at all of this Santa Claus and the town. Long time after my boss still told everybody that I had put him Santa Claus through the phone !

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  1. I can totally relate! My problem was Christmas crackers. I knew cheese crackers and regular crackers, but no Christmas crackers! That's what you get when people are learning a new language...

  2. How funny but good your boss saw the funny side of it too.

  3. LOLLOL such a funny story!

  4. Haha, that was quite funny.

  5. They gave me a good laugh.

  6. That’s so funny! Your boss must have had a good sense of humor, plus he also obviously knew you were a good employee .


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