22 Oct 2009


13 Mishappenings this week

1. I put my glasses always in the same place, only the place changes all the time

2. I looked for my glasses on my usual place and found them behind the TV ??

3. I looked for my slippers in the whole house couldn't find them. Mr. G. finally found them in the fridge ??

4. I went downtown shopping and when I got out of the car I realized that I still had my slippers on

5. I arrived in my painting course when somebody told me that I had put my sweater the wrong way. The label hang outside.

6. I washed my teeth, got the wrong tube, it was creme for hands

7. I wanted to put some salt on my plate, when suddenly the knob fell off and the whole salt landed on my food.

8. I couldn't find my car keys in the car, looked for 10 min through the whole car and when I finally got outside I realized that I was sitting on them.

9. I asked a policeman if I could drive on the Busline to turn right, he didn't know.

10. A lady living quite far from our house but in the same street, told me that Arthur had spent the whole night in her bed ! Arthur is my cat.

11. I found a dead mouse in the cat's water bowl

12. I had lunch with a friend, stood up, turned around and my purse knocked down the wine bottle of the neighbour table, and wine spilled all over the place.

13. When I started to drive the alarm bell rang without any reason, that's at least what I thought, but my handbreaks weren't properly set.

All is well that ends well

Arthur loves beds


Anonymous said...

Arthur cheating on you sleeping in aeone elses bed? And were you scared with the dead mouse? Dang cats drowning mice. LOL

Alice Audrey said...

What a relief that it's all little things.

Tracie Nall said...

Whew! What a week you had! You must tell Arthur that he must pick-you or the other woman, because he can't have you both :)

Happy T13!

Tinsie said...

How on earth did your slippers end up in the fridge?!

Nessa said...

My days go like that, too. I think you have a Halloween ghost that moves your things.

Arthur is adorable.

Thursday Thirteen - Useless Knowledge

Hootin' Anni said...

Ewwwwwwwwwww. brushing your teeth with hand lotion? Oh my goodness.

My 13 is posted, if you can stop by for a visit it'd be awesome...but if you can't have a great Thursday anyway. Click HERE and scroll down a bit on my post.

colleen said...

Who put that right where I left it? my husband would say. Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed with your glasses on?

Julia Phillips Smith said...

'I couldn't find my car keys in the car, looked for 10 min through the whole car and when I finally got outside I realized that I was sitting on them.'


Mia Celeste said...

Ha! Number one gets me all the time-that same place keeps changing. Happy TT!

Melli said...

Slippers in the FRIDGE? Sounds like a case of cold feet! Arthur is really a traveling man, huh? Just like his mama! You've had quite a week my friend! I might have to send you some of Mom's meds!

storyteller said...

Oh my ... and I thought MY life had challenges! I'm with Hootin' Anni on this one ... using hand cream for toothpaste would knock me over the edge for sure.

I can hardly believe it, but I'm celebrating my 2nd Blogoversary at Small Reflections today and I'd like to invite you to visit when time permits. I've reflected on what I've learned in the past two years and created mega-collages of some of my favorite mosaics ... just because ;--)

In addition, I'm sharing an award with all visitors in my T-13 at Happily Retired Gal this week. Hope you'll drop by when time permits to snag, enjoy, and pass it along to others.

Today I'll be working on my 2nd Blogoversary post for Sacred Ruminations to publish on Friday. I can't believe I've been blogging so long already. How time flies!
Hugs and blessings,

Vlado&Toni said...

oh no Arthur is cheating on you! and he thought you'd never find out because you were busy looking for your slippers and cleaning the salt away! ;)

Jannie Funster said...

LOVE the one about the slippers in the fridge. Sometimes I put the ice cream in the cupboard.

Maribeth said...

I would never believe it of Arthur! He would never be so unfaithful! It must have been some other white cat!

Melissa Lea said...

Oh dear! Sounds like quite the week!

Amanda Moore said...

Gattina Thom beat me to it, I am so sorry to hear Aurthur cheated on you he should be ashamed! You know I alawys loose my car keys every day so I know how you feel!