20 May 2013


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Feeling much better and nearly "normal" (if that is possible) after my Bronchitis, I finally had the courage to do the laundry so that everything is clean for my round trip through the UK. The whole week I just couldn't do anything. I also filled in the fridge for Mr. G. and bought him enough different pasta plates to heat up in the micro wave while I am gone.

As the sun came out in the afternoon, I could even work a little in the garden. I also prepared my little notebook which I take along on my trip, so that I can write everyday what I have seen, as a sort of diary.

My friend whom I know since I was 8 arrived in Brussels with her 15 people family to celebrate her 70th birthday, and she called me that they had difficulties to arrive at the Hotel because in Brussels center the "Gay Parade" was going on with around 80.000 people ! 

On Sunday morning I went to their Hotel, to meet her mother ! Meanwhile she is 90 and of course we wanted to see each other. She had known me so well as a little girl. I was more often at her house then at home, because it was such a lovely funny family and my friend had a little sister and a baby brother which of course was very interesting for me !

They all stayed in the Hotel Metropole which was built in 1895. It was the best and most luxury hotel in Brussels and many celebrities stayed there, like the Shah of Iran, Prince Bernard of the Netherlands, the Crown Prince of Spain and many other royalties. A few American presidents, Johnson, Eisenhower and Hoover where also amongst the guests. Placido Domingo and even Einstein liked this hotel.  It was also the hotel where famous actors stayed.

Of course it had been renovated and refurbished inside, but it still looks the same as it was shown in some movies amongst them a James Bond.  

The entrance Hall is full of marble and mirrors and the light quiet dim, so that my pictures are not the best.

And then I met the woman whom I know for such a long time. Her character hasn't changed a a bit and she was still the same. We had a lovely time together, digging out old childhood adventures, talking about my parents and old neighbors, while having a cup of tea in the beautiful lounge. Time flew by so quickly and after two hours I returned home from my excursion into the past.

In the evening we went to Brussels to join the whole family for the Birthday supper. The restaurant was near the Grand'Place just at corner of the Queen's Gallery.

It was a very cozy place

The meal was great very good French kitchen, with seafood or Capaccio as starter and then fish or roasted duck as main course, then cheese and "Sorbet" ice cream. We laughed a lot and had a lot to tell, I had seen her 3 children last time maybe 20 years ago, and besides her oldest grandchildren (25 and 21) I had never seen the youngest ones of 7, 8 and 2.

And here we are celebrating her birthday and we remembered that we celebrated our birthday for the first time when we both were 8 !!

Great Grandma despite her 90 years enjoyed the meal and participated at all conversations. As the way to the hotel was a little long for her on the cobbled streets, she sat in a wheelchair which normally she doesn't need. Her youngest great grandson was pleased that his great grandma was also sitting in a buggy  ! The oldest great grandsons took over wheelchair and buggy and made a race through the Gallery with both of them. That was so funny we laughed to tears !

It really had been a wonderful birthday celebration.


Andrew said...

Very busy weekend for you.

Jo said...

Oh I wish I could have seen the buggy and wheel chair race! What a lovely party you had. You and your friend still look so young; I love your outfit too. I'm glad you're over the bronchitis and wish you a wonderful trip tomorrow. (((Hugs))) Jo

MaR said...

What a wonderful bday celebration! a great time was had by all.

Glad you are feeling well now, the bday celebration and hugging your friend were the best medicine :)

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina .. you've described a fabulous weekend with old friends .. and new ones - the grandchildren!

Sounds gorgeous .. and I'm so pleased you were able to meet up ...

Glad the bronchitis is better - the weather here isn't much good! Cheers for now - Hilary

Maribeth said...

Glad you are feeling better. My post is up!

eastcoastlife said...

Glad you are feeling better now. That is a grand old hotel where your friends are staying. How lovely to still keep in touch with friends who share your childhood days.

Linens and Royals said...

How wonderful for your friend to have her mother at her 70th birthday and a friend like you who she has known for such a long time. Pleased you are feeling better and hope you enjoy your trip through the UK.