21 Jun 2019


For the week's resume I could make a copy and paste ! Or almost. As usual on Monday it started with our Scrabble, it had rained in the morning but cleared up in the afternoon and we could scrabble outside on Nicole's terrace, which is always nice, better then to sit inside.

We had two Scrabble referees, cat Isis and dog Tara who now after 3 days became best friends, and I am sure that when Tara has finished her holidays with Nicole, Isis will miss her. They brought me luck, I was second !!

I finished the "planting" of my fake flowers in the pots outside and watered the Hibiscus plant exceptionally twice this week. I do nothing with this plant, it's still the same earth and the same pot and to be honest I wish it would die, but no, it blooms and blooms, only one flower at time, but real beautiful. It's just as if it wanted to say "you can't kill me" !

The painting class was nice as usual and we have to paint and paint new paintings because in October is the yearly exhibition.

I have to make a poster for this occasion.

Each week we go in a restaurant and as the sun was shining we ate outside. It was delicious. Dog Tara got her share in form of meat pieces.

Ilona is back from her holidays in Spain and I went to her house which she had had freshly painted just before she left.

Now we already have half of the year behind us and still not real summer weather. The weatherman announced 35 to 40°C which will be a joy without air conditioning !

I have got some new pictures of grandson Toby, he grows and grows ...

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