22 Jun 2019


Today it's about time for my Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. I got the word for this prompt only at 6 pm, so I have not a lot of time to knit a story about the word "leave" which we got for this Saturday.

Anyway I have a cold, a strange one, without nose running, or a sore throat, or coughing or other signs, no, I only lost my voice and feel lousy.. When I try to speak I sound like Louis Armstrong in his best days, or I have to whisper. Somebody called me on the phone and called me Mister !

Mr. G. is in despair, because he can't understand my Armstrong voice or my whispering and even has difficulties when wearing his hearing aid, which usually he always leaves somewhere but not in his ears.

Our cats are certainly surprised that it is so quiet in the house and they only hear Mr; G. shout "What did you say" ? Even when I have said nothing.

I leave now and go to bed and don't open my mouth anymore only to my cats ! they understand everything, but can only teach me to purr.

Linking to Linda G. Hill - SOCS

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