16 Oct 2020


The week has started with cold weather, new Coronavirus rules, my friends are not feeling well, I included. One was in hospital for a kidney surgery, the other still had troubles with her teeth the only one who had fun was Chantal who spent a long weekend with her boyfriend. I was tired from doing nothing, Mr. G. the same and finally I took an appointment for him with our Doctor.

Apparently he is still suffering from the stress of our moving, but with the time it will get better.  Unfortunately I can't say that concerning the Coronavirus who apparently loves Belgium and has spread  all over again, which meant new restrictions or better said back to the old once, like lining up in front of the shops as only two people were allowed in.

When I saw this I just wanted to return home, but finally lined up with the others, masked and keeping distance. Everywhere are posters reminding you to wear a mask. 

Fortunately I found everything what I needed quickly and was happy to get out of this unpleasant atmosphere.

When our son had helped emptying our house he had thrown all my jewelry the real and the fashion one in one bag and it was an awfull bundle everything mixed up and stuck together. 

Fortunately I have a friend who loves to ditangle wool and proposed me to help with my jewelry mess.  There was a huge bundle of different necklaces of all lengths all knotted together and the worst of all, fashion jewelry and real jewelry were all in the bundle. I thought it would take her at least a whole afternoon to get everything right, but in a quarter of an hour she was all done! I was really grateful !

The second time I put my nose out this week, was when we went together, Nicole, Chantal and I to our Italian restaurant, where at least we could forget the Coronavirus mood for a while. The owner is very cool, of course the personal wears masks but he doesn't say anything if ever you step in and have forgotten the mask hanging at your ear !

The food was as usual delicious and after lunch we went to my home for a cup of coffee.


The view from our living rooms starts to change, the trees get red and yellow leaves, but most of them are still green. Everybody sitting on our sofas have this view and love it ! 

As summer is definitively over I had asked my cleaning lady to prepare the garden furniture for the winter which she did. At least now everything remains dry when it rains.

The rest of my time I spent on Internet to order a wig for Nicole, and was looking for a pullover for me, but didn't find anything. It's strange, but it seems as nobody likes to buy clothes !

Since yesterday we have a curfew from 1 am to 6 am, which doesn't bother me at all because usually I am in my bed at that time. Again we are only allowed to invite  3 friends or 3 family members at  home, I wonder how this should work with a couple and a child, probably they have to cut it in two pieces. Some rules are so ridiculous you just can't respect them. If only it would be the same in all Corona infected places, it would be far easier ! 

In spring the lockdown didn't bother me that much but now in autumn if we have to do this again, I think they can lock us all in a mad house ! 

Before I go to bed, little Rosie checks my room for eventual unwanted creatures and brought me this ugly spider, at a closer look it was a Halloween ring which probably was amongst my jewelry ! Now she loves to play with it !


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Linens and Royals said...

I love your view with all the beautiful trees changing colour. I have a view of trees too but they are scrappy gum trees which never change colour or lose their leaves. Masks have never been compulsory here and I never wear one. The virus does not seem to be getting worse here. I can never remember all the rules so mostly carry on as usual.
Sorry to hear you and your friends and Mr G are all not well but at least Rosie appears healthy and enjoying her new home.

DUTA said...

House Moving is a stressful experience at any age and any time.
I keep my real jewellery separated from fashion jewellery. I hardly wear any of it now, so, the order is kept

Fun60 said...

Depressing times. You seem to have coped with the move really well and settled straight in to your home with a view. London moves up to high risk as from midnight tonight so no more mixing with people in the home or in bars and restaurants.

jennyfreckles said...

Gorgeous view you have, which is good as you will see plenty of it now the restrictions are tightening again. It's the same here.

William Kendall said...

Restrictions are back here too. Not quite as much as it was at the height of things, at least yet.

Barbara Harper said...

I think your husband's stress about moving will go down once he gets more used to the new place. Hope so, anyway. Our virus numbers are still climbing--666 new cases and 7 deaths in our state just since yesterday. I wish/hope/pray this thing will fade out soon.

That was good of your friend to untangle your jewelry for you. I have a couple of necklaces like that--they are the thin gold chains and so hard to see to disentangle.

Funny about the spider ring!

Andrew said...

Seeing the seasonal changes in your new place will be interesting. Our governments have been very harsh and restricted us so much and it is suggested that our country has to get rid of COVID as people will not tolerate another locking down.

Tamago said...

The view from your place is really beautiful. Love the gorgeous autumn colors!
Rosie did great job catching the spider ring :-)

mamasmercantile said...

Love the Autumn colours from your view in your new apartment. Sorry DH is still suffering stress from the move. New measures are in place all over as the second wave of Covid hits, like you I am fed up with it all.

Susanne said...

Oh that lovely view from your apartment. I really should start to cover our outdoor furniture too but I every year I forget to purchase the covers. And now it's snowing here this weekend. But at least I got the plant containers done. The spider ring made me laugh. Reminded me of when my son put a huge plastic spider in the bottom of my laundry basket. Almost gave me a heart attack until I realized it was plastic.

Tanza Erlambang said...

leaves changing colors are wonderful views...love red and orange colors.
Cute cat.... have a nice weekend

Willow said...

Ha! That spider was really 'scary'--good thing it's not real!
You do have a lovely view from your windows down into the garden.
The corona virus rules keep changing and it's hard to keep up! And then there are people who don't follow the rules...
I hope you have a pleasant weekend.

Mara said...

I am just going with the flow. Here, all the restaurants had to close again, which is not so nice, and the passenger numbers have dropped again. Ah well, this too shall pass.

Loree said...

The number of infections is surging here too. The weather is cooler but not cool enough. I hate to disentangle things too. I always lose my patience and someone has to do it for me.

claudie cartereau said...

Nice to read you ! I am on holiday ! You appartement looks so nice ! Big big hugs to Nicole and Chantal and Mr Gattino