18 Apr 2021


Still confined in my apartment I don't have much choice to enjoy myself. I only go shopping because I have to eat, the restaurants are still closed. It's cold and humid outside so what do I do? I watch TV and from time to time I sit on my sofa and look at the moody sky that forms creative clouds which pass by in the sky. 


My neighbor always in shorts and T-shirt even if it snows !

all pictures were taken late afternoon



Cathy said...

Oh Gattina I ‘love’ moody skies :). You certainly found a few to share with Sunday Selections. My selections are all pink!
And thanks for sharing your obviously thick blooded can cope with any weather neighbour.

Mara said...

That neighbour has a big garden. Or does he have to share it with others as well?

Elephant's Child said...

I LOVE your skies and your environment. You have a very hardy neighbour - but I would rather admire the sky.

Andrew said...

Rather good that you have such nice views.

William Kendall said...

Beautiful skies.

Fun60 said...

Amazing skies, always changing and continually giving you new views. Maybe you should try painting them.