19 Apr 2021








When my cleaning lady arrived at 7.30 on Saturday, I had difficulties to open the door. When she arrived she told me that somebody had broken the glass of the  entrance door and all pieces were laying on the floor. Later when I was dressed I went down and met other 5 people from the building apparently at 5 am 3 youngsters whose parents are on holidays had played there, I wonder what and had made such a noise that the people on the first floor called the police. They arrived with (only) 5 cars and took the boys with them.. I have never seen them but apparently they come when the parents are on holidays and squat the apartment just above ours ! Once I had heard them and wanted to calm them down at 3 am, but they had  stopped. And this night when so many people were around and made a lot of noise I slept peacefully and hadn't heard anything ! I hope they get a nice fine, which the parents have to pay, but unfortunately that doesn't bother them when they have a lot of money. I always think instead of letting the parents pay they should collect garbadge or clean the parks ! That's more intelligent and leaves them less forces to commit stupid things.. 

In the afternoon I went to the hospital to pick up Mr. G's dirty laundry and bring new once. Of course I am not allowed to see him all I see is this door which now I know by heart 

On the door is written : Please close the door patients run away  !

When I had gotten my bag I wanted to return to the exit and of course got lost. This hospital is so enormous and there was nobody around to ask. So I tried to remember how I had come but with my sense of orientation I finally landed at the mortuary ! At least there I found a male nurse who showed me the right way. I was completely exhausted when I came home !! My pedometer indicated 2 km !!

The rest of the day I looked a bit through Mr. G. papers and got a nervous breakdown or almost, I found a whole pile of reimbursement slips from the health insurance ! They owe me quite a lot of money. He had forgotten and I hadn't checked. On Monday I'll go and get the money back !

Sunday was very sunny and when Myriam came in the afternoon, we could sit outside on the balcony it was almost too warm and we had to put T-shirts on ! 

In our neighbor's garden it starts to bloom and it looks so beautiful ! We solved the problem of  the whole world or nearly and had a very nice afternoon and another weekend went by !


  1. A fine is not enough for that kind of behaviour. They need to be shamed and doing community work is a good suggestion.

  2. Isn't that annoying when you can't find out where to go. I was like that when Bill went to hospital on the first day. The puppies are cute and I'm glad you had a good time with your friend solving the world's problems. We do that on our morning walks, me and my three walking buddies.

  3. It is just terrible you cannot see your husband. That is so very cruel. Some things they do to protect us are really worse than anything. So sorry for you and your hubby.

  4. I had to take my coat off this morning as it was so warm!
    Glad you might get some money back, it's always better than paying anyway.

  5. I went back and read everything from the last week's times. Oh, I am sorry to hear about Mr. G.
    Life here in New Hampshire has been very strange. Imagine, stranger than the last year of Covid Lock-down!
    I have now had both Moderna Covid Vaccines. In two weeks I shall be safer.
    I will continue to practice good hygiene and wear a mask, as our numbers are going up.
    My 49-year-old nephew nearly died from Covid, but they gave him Remdecavere, and slowly he is recovering.
    Sending good wishes to you and Mr. G.

  6. wow- what terrible people....jail time would be good along with picking up other peoples garbage for a week or so! Your doggie photos are darling!

  7. Awww on all the cute pups. So precious.

    I agree with you about the kids having to work off the things they destroy. They will never learn if someone else is footing the bill.

    Sorry you couldn't see your husband.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Gattina. ♥

  8. Yes community service would be better than a fine. I hope they fixed the door quickly.

  9. I'm so sorry that happened. Best to Mr. G, we're sending purrs and pawsitives his way.

  10. I agree that a fine is not enough. Something like community service will probably work better. I hope you will be able to see Mr G soon.

  11. Fines can be pretty meaningless to rich people. Some hard labour would deter them.
    While of course money should be claimed quickly but it can be nice to get it in a lump sum.

  12. I have no patience for people like that. Kids like that will only become horrible adults.

  13. I still hubby get out soon from hospital.
    Coffee is on and stay safe


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