16 Apr 2021


Monday I had some laundry to to for Mr. G. still in hospital ! I had asked for his dirty laundry and had got the washed laundry of another patient ! 

Finally I had also got the date for his scan, after having spent half a day on the phone again. I also had to buy a Tetanos syringe for my appointment with my doctor the next day. Miss Rosie since she has become an inside cat has long sharp claws although she has a scratching post. She had scratched me several times because she wanted to play !

I don't know why, but for some time now I have had very sensitive skin and bleed like a slaughtered pig! It also takes a long time for a small scratch to heal.

My doctor found me in good health, although a bit tired but it is not really tired it is more stressed and worried. Nothing to do against that except amusing and having  fun ! That's really a bad joke with the lockdown the closed restaurants and each thing which would be a good place to forget your worries.

Nicole is also  still in hospital so our scrabble club had shrank, and the second one had started the Ramadan for her husband, as it was the first day she stayed with him, but not longer ! He is the only one in the family who follows the rules. So we were 3 and the Scrabble Club became the Babble club and we watched again the Acrylic abstract lessons on YouTube. As soon as the lockdown is lifted we have to look for a room, because I doubt that we can use our usual room for over 20 years because it is in the retirement home.

The weather was cold and humid, it also hailed again and we avoided to go out, only I with my visits to the hospital.

For the 80 years of Mr. G I had prepared a metal box with a personalized card of Rosie and myself  and when I arrived I asked the nurse if she could make an exception for his birthday and let me wish him happy birthday at least from the doorstep on. She had to ask her main nurse and then another came too so I was escorted by 3 nurses to his room. One of the nurses gave him his gift and he was very happy to see me, although he didn't recognize me first ! I found that he looked real good, much better than when he was hospitalized and it even seemed to me that he had put on weight ! I was very happy ! 


Besides the watch our son had offered him and my different little cakes, I kept the other gifts at home I feared that somebody misplaced them as it had happened with the laundry !

Toby our grandson had made a beautiful picture for his grandpa (Nonno in Italian) I think for a 10 year old  it's not bad at all. It represents the Formular 1 which Nonno loves to watch so much ! 

Meanwhile the scan had been done and now I have to wait for the results and decide what we will do next ! If only the weather would be a bit better, and this dammit lockdown lifted !!

She doesn't care about a lockdown

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Fun60 said...

I am sorry that you are going through so much on your own at the moment. Lockdown restrictions must be so much worse for you. Thinking of you often.

Andrew said...

You have old skin and thin skin. It is easily scratched and you bleed very easily, especially if you take blood thinning drugs. Just be careful. Very sweet of Toby to be so thoughtful about his grands.

Little Wandering Wren said...

Hello Gattina - I am just stopping by to give you a big virtual hug. What a horrible situation you are facing. I am please you got to visit Mr G for his birthday. I am sending you my very best wishes for his speedy recovery, for the lockdown to ease and for the weather to improve.
Love Wren x

William Kendall said...

It is particularly a struggle for you right now.

Wendy said...

I'm glad you were able to visit on Mr G's birthday. It's so hard right now but we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel. I hope they can sort out your vaccines, it will make such a difference. That card from Toby is lovely. I'm sure it will be treasured.

Barbara Harper said...

I'm sorry Mr. G. had to spend his birthday in the hospital. I'm glad you got to see him. Toby's picture is really good!

Marv, Jo Jo, Komo, Cinnamon & Angel Nellie said...

I am so glad that you got to see Mr G for his birthday! I love your grandson's card, he is quite the artist. I do hope that things get easier for you. It is distressing to be kept apart. I send you virtual hugs and strength.

diane b said...

Gosh it is a hard time for you. Hospital visits but not allowed in. Lucky they did for his special birthday. It's good news to see that he is looking better. Sad to hear that it is still lockdown for you and you miss your friends and activities. I hope it will be over soon. Toby's card is sweet, he's a good artist.

Mara said...

Sorry to hear you didn't manage to get closer to him. But at least you did get to see him in person, albeit from a distance.

And of course a happy belated birthday to Mr G!

peppylady (Dora) said...

I keep hoping and wanting to be out more.
Coffee is on and stay safe

Faith said...

so sorry to hear you all are still in lockdown. that's crazy!

Thankful you at least got to go to your husband's room for his birthday.....and what a fun card from your grandson!

I hope that you feel less stressed as the Spring continues......once more people get vaccinated, things should start to open more for your country.

Unknown said...

Sorry that this time is so hard made even harder with the darn restrictions. I am glad though that you were still able to meet with friends even though that was a bit smaller too. Glad you got to see Mr. G. for his birthday. Happy belated birthday to him. Very sweet picture from this grandson!

Willow said...

What a week! I hope Mr. G will be able to come home soon.
I'm glad you were able to see him for his birthday!
That's a sweet note from Toby to his nonno.