22 Nov 2010


Helps you to remember what you have done on the weekend of November 20. You never know if you need an alibi ! If you participate please put the little logo on the top of your post and leave your link.

My weekend was as exciting as a visit to an old graveyard. On Saturday I recovered from the flighting visit to Amsterdam, which had been quiet boring. Besides the visit to the hospital to see little Toby, we haven't done anything. Mr. G. didn't want to go anyway so we stayed at my son's flat and waited for him to come home as he spent the whole day with wife and Baby.
At home I worked on my photos which I had taken from the baby and the hospital, and was angry and disappointed that I haven't seen anything from Amsterdam despite a wonderful sunshine.

We had left the hospital in Amsterdam at 10.30 and there was plenty of time to visit, but Mr. G. was like a horse who smelled the stable and so I gave up, I didn't want to carry a bullet behind me either and we drove home. When I was finished with the photos, I made a little tour to a big store, but I got quickly bored and spent the rest of the day watching TV without seeing it.

Sunday was not better. The weather was grey and foggy, and I only went shortly over to Dominique to see the photos of her granddaughter who was born 2 days before Toby. Toby is a giant compared to the little Lucy. I hope one day they can play together.

The daughter of another neighbor also came because she had computer problems and Mr. G. is a specialist in solving problems at least on a computer, otherwise he is only creating them. From my son I heard that my DIL was already allowed to go home on Saturday morning after her cesarian she had on wednesday.

As you may read between the lines, for a fresh baked grandma I am not in a very good mood. We had imagined the first meeting with our grandson completely different. I think we went there far too early and should have waited a bit, although our son had invited us, I think it was all a little too much for him.

That's what I have seen from Amsterdam

the hospital

and the view out of the flat's window. At least there was a strange bird to observe.

Pictures of Toby in the post below.


  1. Oh Gattina;) I'm sorry your spirit is so heavy and that you missed "seeing" Amsterdam. I don't think you went too early to see gorgeous little Toby. Your son asked you to be there and you were. This will be remembered in a positive light for years to come. I wish you could have flitted over to me for the weekend and enjoyed the lovely sunshine in our garden with our Marquard grandson. Then this morning I would have taken you to Kwa-Zulu Natal to visit our other kids and grands in the mountains and then I'd driven with you to Kruger National Park. And, and, and... We can but wish, hey? I sure hope you're perked up this morning. Thanks for a fun and lovely meme. I've linked in. Blessings and (((hugs))) Jo

  2. Too pity you didn't see something else beside your family, and this is good, but Amsterdam is a very lovely place to see! Maybe next time?

  3. I'm sorry your stay in Amsterdam was so uneventful. But I'm sure your son and DIL were very happy you came to see their baby!

  4. Oh so sorry about the Amsterdam Trip. You should have told Mr G you needed an Alibi... I know what you mean about watching TV with out seeing it, I tend to do that a lot in my home,lol. That bird does look interesting, kind of like a seagull.

  5. I am sure seeing the baby was wonderful I suppose Amsterdam wil ahev to wait for another day. My weekend was spent cooking and looking after a feverish 4 year old. Not very exciting either.

  6. That was very nice of you to visit the baby as soon as it was born.
    I am sure the visit was very apprec iated and you were one of the first people to see him and this is a gift in itself.
    Cities are cities. See one see them all but babies change from minute to minute.
    All in good time Gramma. lol

  7. Nice you went to Amsterdam. Even if your son was a little busy with all I'm sure he ned his mother and father!!!

  8. Ugh. Sorry for that. Not nice beeing there and not see anything. I hope next time will be the straight opposite!!!


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