23 Nov 2010


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When my world outside is grey and cold I like to find another world in a garden store called "Green Decor".

There are colorful flowers

which lets me forget that outside there are no flowers anymore and that the trees are all naked.

But even here there are signs of rain

They also have a very nice choice of outside and inside decorations

for all seasons

and now the Christmas decorations are showing up !


Arija said...

Sometimes if I am feeling low I too go to a large garden centre for some retail therapy and usually buy myself a lot of hard work but it does make me feel better.

Your candy store offers a lot more than just plants and well worth going to.

Kat said...

I love that store! I do that too even here in warm Malaysia - I love going to the garden centre and looking at the plants and garden ornaments.

Wolynski said...

Very sensible to have a garden center with daylight - how colorful. Why would anyone grow flowers when you can buy them?

Sylvia K said...

What a fantastic place! And definitely the place to cold on a dreary day! Love your photos, next best thing to being there! Hope your week is off to great start! Stay warm!


Kay L. Davies said...

Such a beautiful place to go in the winter weather, Gattina. I also love visiting garden centres to boost my soggy, sagging spirits!
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Loree said...

Beautiful flowers. I suppose it must feel nice to see some colour when everything is grey. But the seasons are a cycle and spring WILL return.

RNSANE said...

I spent a good hour recently photographing all the orchids in our local garden store, then left buying none. They were just spectacular, though, and I had a most productive time there.

A Lady's Life said...

Oh these are all so nice I love them I forgot about the nut crackers lol and the bird house is beautiful
Then all the dolls my favorite.
I am just a kid at heart lol

claudie said...

I like to walk through those shops!
The colours and decorations are nice and you can dream a little!
The cold is arrived here! We can now understand winter is behind the door! 12° during the day, it's rare in the south!

Lifecruiser Travel Blog said...

I can relate to this... Verrrry windy outside today plus light snow. Yikes...

I'd like to have one of those xmas trees in silver.

I think I'll go hunting for one later over here. Right now we're in hibernation....