26 Nov 2010


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1. On Monday after our acqua gym we had our cup of tea and exchanged our experiences of becoming grandmas ! 3 of us 6 girls had reached this title almost at the same time. 2 on Monday and I on Wednesday. Two baby girls and I with a boy. You can imagine that we had something to chat and to compare how it was when we became mothers, because our now big babies have forgotten that we had been young mothers and had gone through all this too.

2. On tuesday I stated that our fridge was empty and I did some shopping. Of course besides food I also found moon boots and as snow is announced for today or tomorrow, maybe it comes on purpose. On the other hand I thought if I buy moon boots now, it probably will never snow enough to wear them. That's the same when you buy a new ombrella, it won't rain for the next weeks.

3. In our painting class we have started to paint surrealism, I thought I would paint a woman in a black dress with a cat head. But besides a red background I haven't done anything because there was so much to talk about, I had missed the annual exposition and of course wanted to know who had sold and how it was.

4. I have spent a lot of time with taking photos of the photos of an old album which shows my son when he was freshly born, retouched them and send them to him. As comment was that the pictures were not clear and good enough as if we had the same possiblilities and cameras 37 years ago ! Most people didn't even take pictures of their babies !

But I managed this collage, showing me and my DIL in the same situation with a difference of 37 years !

5. Internet is a real great invention because my son calls me on Skype and shows me little Toby. Yesterday I took this picture of him on my screen.

It's just as if I would be in the same room ! What a blessing when you live far from each other.


The Chair Speaks said...

Yes, internet is one of the best invention.

Linens and Royals said...

A woman in a black dress with a cat head! that does sound interesting.
Lovely to have the photos of you and your D.I.L 37yrs apart, hard to tell the difference between you both.

Loree said...

How precious little Toby is. I love your collage. And I can't wait to se your painting when it;s finished.

Maribeth said...

Oh I just love the collage! Wonderful!

Vlado&Toni said...

congratulations Gattina!!! you must be so proud and happy.. wow.. i have not been in the blog world for a long time.. so many things happening... what a lovely christmas it would be i am sure for your family

Jenny said...

Skype is such a wonderful thing for faraway loved ones!

A Lady's Life said...

Oh so cute. I think the baby looks like his Dad when he was born Does he?
Sigh! Where does the time go?

Lifecruiser Travel Blog said...

That's such a great collage. 37 years in between it's really interesting to see that there is not much difference!!!!

Skype is the best, have used it a lot to talk to my best friend when she has been in other countries. Right now n US.