3 Dec 2012


Each evening when we come back from the beach we often find our bed nicely  decorated with our bath towels.

It makes you hesitate to use the towels !

Yesterday evening the animation team had told us that they would make a show with different sketches

It took place in the hotel's dancing bar. Here we are ready to watch the show.

The first one was a scene out of "Dallas" it was hilarious !

In the second sketch they looked around for a guest to participate and choose Nicole. She had to play a mother who found her son shot dead ! We didn't know that Nicole was such a good actor, the public cried because they laughed so much. She screamed "My son, my son" then throw herself over him and sobbed "my son is dead, my son is kaputt," and sobbed and sobbed and throw her arms in the air. It was hilarious. I made a little video because it is difficult to describe. She tried to speak and understand English and that was even more funnier, because finally she did the show alone with her words. She had such a lot of success and Dominique and I had tears running over our cheeks and I hardly tried not to damage my make up !

It was such a funny evening !

Today it was a little windy and that was good because it was very warm.

The sea was full of little fishes which followed the snorklers. I could see them from the little bridge there were hundreds !

After lunch where we had nice salads and Egyptian bread, we had a little nap, it was so hot and we were quiet full too.

Then the two girls went to stretching I had a hurting muscle at my left leg so I didn't go, but Dominique showed me afterwards what they had done,

but this was an extra exercise !

The cook came to say hello with little snacks, which was indeed very friendly and we ate them with appetite !

The problem is, we food is delicious !


Linens and Royals said...

You are having so much fun I wish I was there too. The colour of the water,the food, the evening entertainment and the exercises all sound perfect to me. And I want my towels in that shape too. I know I live at the beach but I wonder now if Egyptian beaches are better??
Well I must stay home with my cats and broken arm so will never find out.

Mar said...

You always manage to enjoy fun holidays!! wondering about the "dividers" at the beach, are they for privacy or wind protection? just wondering.

Maribeth said...

Wonderful! I am so jealous. I am stuck home, now it is raining...and Jack is ill with a cold! You know what they say about men and being sick? The worst of patients!

Loree said...

Enjoy the sun. My friends told me that it snowed in Brussels yesterday and it is finally much colder here too :)

diane b said...

Having fun in the sun.

claudie said...

Wouhaaaaa!! Dominique est une super gymnaste!!!! Et une comédienne hors pair!!! Quelles belles vacances!