7 Dec 2012


When I returned to our room yesterday, I got a shock ! On my bed lay the old Lady from yesterday ! This time in our room and not in Nicole's. She had the remote control in her hand and was watching an Egytian channel in arabic ! I was so shocked that I nearly screamed, but then I burs out in laughter !

with the light switched on I saw this !

Isn't she cute ?

You can't say that Egyptians have a lack of humor ! Our room cleaning man (there are only man cleaning) had created this masterpiece ! A real artist ! I tell you when you come in a dark room and you find this on your bed it looks real ! Nicole had the same on her bed ! We had so much fun with that. Apparently our story had made the round amongst the personal ! (yesterday's post)

And we also had the honor to meet her son, sitting with her just besides us at the beach !

The man with so many girlfriends whom we had supposed to look like a double of George Clooney at least, looked in reality like this publicity for a fat man "before" diet, but there was no "after" picture ! Apparently for his loving mother he is a handsome man ! Love makes blind !

Of course she didn't recognize us, what a couple !  It's rather sad for them. Nicole and Dominique preferred to read ...

The weather was bad, it even rained a few drops, which seldom happens here. We couldn't lay on the beach it was far too cold.

The beach personal used the opportunity and cleaned all the beach beds. We tried them out when they were dry !

Despite the bad weather we had fun. Dominique and Nicole played cards, I went to my Cyber Café wanted to answer some comments but no chance the internet connection was so slow, that a snail would be considered as a racing dog ! After 2 h gmail was still not loaded !

This is my "working" place.

In the evening there was a show again, but I didn't go, it was all dances which I had already seen, so I watched a little crime story on TV.

Today the sun is shining again !


Jo said...

Ah it's nice to catch up with you again! Egypt (the beach area) Looks so clean and cheerfully decorated with beach paraphernalia. I love the "old" lady on your bed. Now I need to go and read about the "son" I missed that post. Enjoy the sunshine! (((Hugs))) Jo xxx

Linens and Royals said...

I knew those towels were a bit strange. Now they have turned into an old lady!!
What a sad couple the old lady and her son are. Do you know which country they are from?

A Lady's Life said...

That was a masterpiece with the towels. Makes you want to do the same at home lol
Too bad the internet is slow and the weather kinda cold.
The change of scenery is good though.

Maribeth said...

Maybe her son is a famous Sumo Wrestler! I love the towel doll! I didn't realize how big it was until I saw you holding her!

Loree said...

OMG that guy is huge. I loved the story about finding the old lady in your bed. LOL