2 Dec 2012


When I woke up at short before 7 the sun was already shining as payed for  !

After a nice breakfast with scrambled eggs, fruits and little special Egyptian cakes, which taste delicious, we went to the beach. The view over to sea to Hurghada was very clear.

Dominique had bought a new snorkeling mask and Nicole had brought one she had borrowed from her daughter. I don't snorkel, I hate water in my face and swim like an old swan with my neck and head far out of the water.

They tried them out and I tried the new one from Dominique, I didn't know that the guy on the picture posed behind me and made the others laugh.

Then came the big moment to try them out. Dominique swam away like a fish, but Nicole didn't manage to put it on her nose, it didn't fit. They tried and tried while I was swimming did water gymnastic and then returned to my beach bed, while they were still in the water trying out this snorkel mask which resisted to Nicole's nose.

Finally they gave up and came also back. Maybe it will work tomorrow !

There was also an acqua gym course in the sea, the guy remained outside and it was so funny to watch him gesticulating in all senses, while the others did the movements in the water.

Now that we know a little more about the guests, the majority of them are Brits followed by Germans and then some Russians, no Frenchs or French speaking people. So the three French speaking graces are well noticed ! Especially that we also speak German (me) and English (Dominique and me).

Nicole is busy with learning English and is happy that she can practise ! 

She had put her glass in the sand and got the whole load on her bathing suit. As you can imagine we had a lot to laugh about that, she looked to funny !

While I am busy with my blog and answer emails, they play cards (Rummy) and I join them later for a drink.

Then we went for supper and I took this picture of the deserts ! Everything is so nicely decorated !

We wanted to go to the show at 9.30 pm, but we were too tired again so at 9 we were already in our rooms and read.


Mara said...

I only went snorkeling once and after the initial scare, I loved it! I was able to see so much.

It sounds like you're having a blast.

Linens and Royals said...

Look like a perfect resort to have a great holiday. I don't like getting my face wet when swimming either and always hold my head high and only swim in shallow water so I can stand up.

A Lady's Life said...

The water looks so inviting and warm.
Glad you are enjoying it. :)
Here it is raining and dull but not very cold.

Maribeth said...

It is foggy and misting today. Snow still on the ground! Jack is ill with a terrible cold. I have him wrapped up and will keep him quiet.

jabblog said...

I never quite trust snorkels! You're having a lovely time, I see - lots to do.

diane b said...

The water is a beautiful colour. You three girls must be having lots of laughs.