27 Sept 2010


Helps you to remember what you have done on the weekend of September 25. You never know if you need an alibi ! If you participate please put the little logo on the top of your post and leave your link.

This weekend was a real catastrophe weatherwise. I was still in my bed when I knew that it rained outside because my cat Arthur which is also my personal weatherman jumped in my bed and pleased me with his wet fur in my sleepy face ! What a delicate wake up. I throw Arthur out of my bed and heard the rain drumming on the roof ! How nice ! that meant locked in for the day. On top of it, it was cold ! Only 9°C (48 F !) and I wanted to go to the Pumpkin festival in a little town nearby. My mood sank into the basement.

Suddenly the rain stopped around 11 and the sun was coming out, so I took my car and went there and had a real nice morning at the farm with it's big garden.

Lots of people were there, but I will write about it with more pictures in another post.

As soon as I climbed in my car to return home it started raining again and that for the whole afternoon ! I kept myself busy with blogging and sorting out my pictures.

On Sunday it wasn't better. But fortunately I had read somewhere that from autumn til spring there is a flea market on Sundays in a Shopping mall in Brussels. This was a good opportunity to get out of the house.

When I arrived the parking was almost a swimming pool, but at least inside it was dry.

and packed with people who had the same idea. On top it was the first flea market this year.

In Belgium shops are all closed on Sundays, including the once in Shopping malls, that's why you see here the good Belgian Chocolate shop Leonidas, closed.

There was all kind of stuff to buy

A basket full of Diana postcards, jewelry and African statues

or other decoration stuff, but also fabrics leather articles etc. I found this little statue so cute.

But then of course I found something for me ! I thought I really have to comfort myself because of this awful fall weather, and I bought this little cat for the very expensive amount of one € ! Then I returned home and rearranged my little Blogging corner. I had bought a shelf to put on the top of my desk because I had to bend over all the time to see my screen. Now it sits higher and just in front of my eyes.

Originally it was a wooden bathroom shelf to be put under the sink, but I thought it would be exactly the right thing what I needed. I decorated it with cats of course and now it looks like this ! Rosie appreciates.


claudie said...

Nice to learn a lot about your WE. Rain didn't afraid you and you went out! Nice! Here we had sun but so busy I didn't have the time for new adventures. The little cat you found is so cute! Nice when stuff find a new life and are considered again as new!!!
I would want to be with you at the farm! Halloween is in the air!!!

Jo said...

Yum to the Belgium chocolates, Gattina. I've only ever eaten real Belgium chocolates once before. Divine. What a lovely flea market. I LOVED the cat statue. Glad you could sort your blogging corner out and that Rosie approves. This is what counts. LOL. I like that I can "picture" where you're blogging from when I read your delightful posts. Thanks for this meme. I love it! Have a great week. Greetings from Jo

diane b said...

You managed to cram a lot into a wet weekend. You couldn't resist the cat from the flea market, could you?

Auntie E said...

I love the cat statue. I remember when we had Blue laws on the books and no store were opened on Sundays.Those days are gone now. However I think they will start to make a come back with our economy. My daughter so wanted to go to a market like that.She would have had fun.

Maribeth said...

You know I was thinking of Princess Diana this weekend as her dress maker died of cancer. Today it is cold and wet here too.

Melli said...

Well see there! Even a rainy weekend can be good! Rain threatened to ruin my SUNDAY - but it did not. I'll post that tomorrow... but today my SATURDAY is up!

That new little cat you got is as sweet as it can be!

TorAa said...

First: I did not know you had started this meme. Found it at Claudie's and I thought: What a coincidence since my last blogpost is named: The Weekend Sept 25-26 in 2010.

Well, there is no doubt the Autumn has arrived - even colder in Waterloo than in Oslo. Good then it was some hours without rain, so you could enjoy a pre-flavour of Haloween.
The sweetie for 1€ would be my #1 choice as well at the Flea Market.
What we did? You know where to find out;-)

Loree said...

Interesting flea market. I spent Saturday at the annual air show. Unfortunately my camera batteries have died and I am without a camera. I feel like I have lost a part of myself :( I need to go buy some more.

A Lady's Life said...

We were so lucky The weather was good.
We went to watch our sons soccer team
He didn't play because he is a rookie this year and just as well cause they are all men and kick a lot.
No wonder Canada doesn't make intl soccer.
They play like babies.My son stopped playing like that ages ago.
Its not gentlmanly. But then when we got home we had a 15 year old girl batted in our nearby park She died and our community is devastated.
The guy(s) who might have done it are on facebook etc.. gloating they got away with it and calling her names.
I hope the police catch them.