26 Sept 2010


Usually I participate in a "meme" on Sundays, but unfortunately the last one I did "Summer Stock Sunday" ran out of Summer because now it's autumn and my outside activities and complaining about the heat is finished. Now I can start to complain about the cold, the rain and the leaves who fall from the stripteasing trees and make you slip and fall if you don't pay attention.

This is a terrible situation to be without a meme. But finally I had time to check out what the word "meme" means ! After 4 years of blogging, it is really a shame especially because there are so many in Blogworld ! Therefore I asked Wikipedia as always when I have a doubt and it says :

"A meme is a unit of cultural ideas, symbols or practices, which can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals or other imitable phenomena."

Speech, gestures, and rituals are excluded because you don't see or hear me and my rituals (going to bed and getting up) you can't see either. Remains writing which I can transmit from my mind to yours of course only if we both have one.

The memes consisting of a questionary can be very difficult.

Imagine when for example you are asked if you are a parent and if yes what would you do with your children (I suppose it means to entertain the little once ?). If your child is between 40 and 50, I doubt very much that it would like to go with you in a zoo or make sandcastles on the beach.

It also must be of a vital importance that everybody knows which color I like and what outfit I prefer.

It becomes very difficult when you are an orphan and the question is "what family member do you like most ?" Or "what was the last thing you drank ?" and you sit in front of a bottle of Whisky, would you tell the truth ? Such memes can put you in terrible conflicts with yourself, which can harm your wellbeing and health tremendously !

But I have also noticed that when you participate in a meme you get more visitors. The only trouble is when these questionaries contain around 20 questions, it is almost impossible to read all the answers of 20 to 50 participants ! So what happens, people just read one question, and then give a wrong answer. To the question what is your favorite color and you say : "red" you get as a comment "I love green too".

So I will stay memeless until a meme crosses my way which is a "unit of cultural ideas" ....

A meme question


Pamela said...

I enjoyed your memeless post.

Gledwood said...

Some people do memes nearly every day. You could always try Furry Fridays on Saturday. That way Arthur and Co could star every single week!

I've vanquished the goblin, so I'm back!!

(A goblin sneaked into my house and stole my broadband connexion, but I've got a new SIM-card taped firmly into my dongle - so no more goblin attacks!)

Anonymous said...

Cute post....what if I moved the muffed target to Sunday? hmmm?

diane b said...

I can't be bothered with memes at the moment.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

'Or "what was the last thing you drank ?" and you sit in front of a bottle of Whisky, would you tell the truth?'

LOL, Gattina!

Sometimes memes may seem silly, or as you point out exhausting if you try to keep up with everyone's answers. I just go where my interest takes me - I don't ever let blogging become a burden. It's fun for me, and I have an insatiable curiosity about other people which memes are great at revealing.

Rayne said...

I had never thought of looking up what meme means. Just sort of took it for granted that a meme was a thing a bunch of us did and sometimes someone would pay attention.

maryt/theteach said...

This is great, Gattina! I'm glad you finally explained what a meme is! What if you started memeless Sunday and we just post any thing we want on Sunday...?

I see Thom has an idea too...

Maribeth said...

Meme-less today but right on tomorrow!

Melli said...

ROFL! THAT is the TRUTH! Every word!~ I LOVE this post!!!