31 Oct 2010


When you are reading this I am closing my suitcase and will be driven to the airport of Hurghada ! Then I am sitting in the plane which takes me back into the rain ! (poetry !)

I haven't seen any rain or even one white cloud since 2 weeks !
Honestly I haven't missed it at all.

But I certainly will miss this !


Gledwood said...

Wow! Mit solche Fotos brauchst Du keine Meme!

PS Ich bin zurück! Mein Kobold-gebissenes Kabel ist ausgetauscht worden und alles funktioniert ganz perfekt :-)

Maribeth said...

Beautiful. Oh well, all fun holidays end, don't they? Welcome Home! I know Mr. Gattino and the kitties are happy you are back!

Gledwood said...

... mit solcheN Fotos... nicht wahr!
Der Grammatikkobold hat mein Hirrn wiedergeknabbert!