2 Apr 2018


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I think this Easter weekend (which is not yet finished because today it's Easter Monday) had never been so boring and everything else then "Happy".

This cartoon represents exactly how Easter was in Brussels ! All outside activities couldn't take place because of the rain, Easter egg hunting was therefore reduced or could only be done in raincoats. Poor kids. In Waterloo they had built a village from the Waterloo battle, but the poor people were stuck in the mud !

My friends were with their children and grand children only Nicole and I had to look for something else then celebrating Easter with bunnies and egg hunting. She too hadn't done any decoration and wasn't in the best mood either, because it was just one year ago that her dog Charlie died.

Finally we went to an international cat exposition, which was very nice ! Such beautiful cats in all sizes ! And some very expensive. Nicole wants to adopt a cat but from a cat shelter an elderly cat to give her a nice forever home. She got some ideas of  what she wanted, when we had seen all the cats and seen how they were judged, we returned home (in the rain) but stopped to have a drink in a nice cafĂ©.

Easter Sunday was even worse, we had intended to visit the historical village, but as it rained cats and dogs, I stayed with Nicole and explained the function of Facebook at least what I know. On the picture you can see the raindrops otherwise the view would have been very nice as the trees are starting to bloom. Everything is late this year.

and as Easter egg I found this in the kitchen, cat Arthur had smelled the bag which had contained a roasted chicken we had for supper the evening before !

The only one who didn't forget Easter and brought us these little gifts was our cleaning lady ! She is such a good soul.

We also got an Easter card from grandson Toby ! He celebrated Easter with his parents and my son's Father in Law in Holland.

Mr. G. has square eyes now because he played Whist on his computer the whole day, except late afternoon when he switched to TV. 

It seemed to me that there are less and less Easter celebrations this year, somebody else in Blogland had noticed the same.


Andrew said...

Easter celebrations? Isn't it enough that it is a holiday and we don't have to work? Well, I did Friday and Saturday but not Sunday and Monday.

Tamago said...

Haha I wonder Arthur got some chicken from the bag! We can't leave food on open space without supervision because Goro would go after it!
Lovely gift from your cleaning lady and sweet Easter card from your grandson :-)

Fun60 said...

I went to the theatre on Saturday and saw an excellent play called 'Fanny and Alexander'. It was brilliant. Sunday I seemed to spend all day cooking. The morning making cookies and cakes with my granddaughter and then a meal for all the family in the afternoon. So today I am doing nothing!

Loree said...

Oh my goodness, I cannot believe Charlie has been gone for a year. I remember him so well.

peppylady (Dora) said...

Never been to a cat expo or dog one either.
Coffee is on

Linens and Royals said...

Easter here was very quiet and hot with no rain. I stayed home and did lots of sewing. Family visited today and at last I got Easter eggs.

William Kendall said...

Uh oh on Arthur!