29 Sept 2018


This is my cat Arthur. He must have been a famous comedian and entertainer in his former life. Arthur is a cat who has a lot of potential to make people laugh.

First he is very social and as soon as there are humans around he has to appear in one way or another.

His mouse catching potential is rather high and if you are lucky he greets you with a bird or a mouse in his mouth as a welcome gift.

He also is very creative in choosing a comfortable sleeping position

on the microwave

He loves to sit in the dishwasher, don't ask me why, probably there is still some smell of food in there

in the sink

in the car. He loves to ride in the car and nearly causes accidents because all people in the cars behind are looking at him while he does his grooming

in the wardrobe, and when I open it he jumps out and I nearly get a heart attack

He thinks I can't see him in the snow ...

He loves to take care of the baby and hides under the blanket, because it is not allowed either

Isn't ashamed when guests can observe him using the flower pot, which is strictly forbidden ....

He has stolen the bone of the neighbor's dog

and this enormous cord, which also belongs to the poor dog. Don't ask me how he carried these two things from the neighbors garden across the street through the cat flap up the steps and into the living room ??

When I keep the birds of my neighbor he uses them as his private Television.

Now Arthur is 16 years old and still full of potential to make us laugh !

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Bethany Vitaro said...

This is lovely, and funny as well. Glad he brings you such joy. We don't have animals at our house, but stories like this often make me wonder if we should.

Andrew said...

Arthur does seem like a terrific cat. I love the photos.

Fun60 said...

He is as adventurous as a kitten. Great photos od him.

William Kendall said...

He's such a cutie.

Tamago said...

LOL LOL he is such a character! I love the photos of him napping with his tummy up. What a sweetheart. It’s so funny he steals stuff from the neighbor dog. Poor doggy :-) That toy is so huge, Arthur is a very strong kitty!

The Chair Speaks said...

We love Arthur lots! Purrs and hugs!

mamasmercantile said...

Such a great character, bring lots of joy that's for sure.

Wendy said...

He is one special cat.

Loree said...

Arthur is definitely a very special cat. He always makes me smile when you write about him.

Lilly's Mom said...

Arthur is absolutely an adorable cat!