20 Jan 2017


 Saturday's Photo Hunt is here

1. I learned in the News that January has the highest rates in suicides ! This fact didn't cheer me up but it's understandable if you look out of the window !

This view I had every day, except the last days of the week were the sun came out. I didn't go out at all, the snow has melted and it looks all so dirty. Besides that in this humidity I have some difficulties to breath. I decided to be in a bad mood, answered emails, wrote posts and watched TV.


My cats are philosophers sleep where it is the warmest and wait for better times. In fact I should do the same.

There was nothing to be photographed except the cats and Rosie posed besides the flower pot. Could make a nice postcard.

Fortunately there is the telephone and you don't have to go out in the cold, I stayed one hour with Nicole on the phone, but couldn't tell you about what we were talking, and then with my neighbor who complained about her daughter, and then with one from my painting course. Mr. G. was shaking his head and wondered when the telephone was free for him.

3. Finally I had to go out and do some shopping. I had seen sauerkraut on TV and like a pregnant woman I absolutely wanted  sauerkraut for supper, and for that I had to go out. In this cold weather it is an ideal plate.

And when I had bought what I needed, I saw this sky above the church,  it was so amazing, because I had the same sky far away in Egypt not in - 2°C but in + 30° above the beach !

4. Mr. G. new hearing aids were ready to be picked up and I drove him to the hearing test center or whatever the name is in English. This new hearing aid is absolutely great, it's fully automatic, regulates the sound when you are in a place with a lot of noise or in one where are not many people. It is also very polite, because when he puts it in his ears, it says "Welcome" with a little music which means that it's ready to do it's job, and it whistles friendly when the battery has to be changed..

For me a new life has started ! Instead of hearing the whole day long "What did you say ?", now he claims "don't talk so loud"! For the first time in ages we can watch TV together and he has not to wear a special headset, because without, the whole street could hear our TV program and I would be deaf by now too. I can't sneak in the house anymore, now he hears when I open the garage door ! The poor man even complained that his computer mouse clicks too loud !

5; Today in our painting class we were only 7 girls, the others stayed home because of the cold, or they were ill, the flew is moving in ! One had her birthday and had brought two big cakes, of course we couldn't eat it all and she gave me half of the chocolate cake for Mr. G. and took the other half of a rice cake home for her husband.

Otherwise nothing special happened except that I looked once again for my mobile in the whole house and couldn't find it. Finally I asked Mr. G. to call me, what he did and to my surprise it rang in my hand !! I had my camera in my hand and the mobile underneath. Mr. G. shook his head and said that this is typical me. 

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Andrew said...

Friday night here when I read your post always brings a smile to my face. Interesting about the clouds.

Faith said...

Your FFF always brings a smile to my face. LOVE that your hubby is hearing well with all this great technology. wish my dad would agree to it!
enjoy the weekend and hopefully you will see more skies like that photo!!

mamasmercantile said...

What an interesting fact that January is the month for the most suicides, I wonder if it may be linked to SAD disease. I smiled about your phone...

Fun60 said...

I find it almost impossible to stay inside all day, even if I just pop round to a friend's for a cup of tea I feel so much better to be out of the house. Today was beautiful but cold. Hope you are having similar weather this weekend. I had to laugh about the missing mobile.

Lilly's Mom said...

You made me laugh with the story about your phone! Your cat photo is picture perfect. You have such beautiful cats. Lilly has been sleeping in her chair today since its been raining all day. Take care, Pat xx

Ann said...

I've been known to do crazy things with my phone - and other things - also. My neighbor told me just tonight that she lost her remote. She found it in her freezer. Sigh. We're all in this together!!

Wendy said...

Well this brought a smile to my face this morning. I can totally understand the hearing aid issues. And losing your phone. I also get that January sees an increase in suicide rates. After the rush of Christmas and New Year there is a defitinite dip and then if the weather is awful too it can be hard. Fortunately we've had some lovely bright sunny days this week although I have been glad to stay in the warm. I miss my cat. My friend has just got a kitten. I will have to go and visit!

Tamago said...

That sounds like a very polite hearing aid indeed :-)
Love Rosie and flower photo! Have a great weekend xoxo

Barbara H. said...

Had to smile at the last one about missing the phone in your hand. :-) Good hearing aids are a tremendous help. When we moved my mother-in-law near us from across the country, she just kept saying we just needed to speak up, and we were nearly shouting. She didn't think she needed new hearing aids, but they were a must. Glad you found a way to connect with friends even though it was cold and saw that beautiful sky when you went out.

Susanne said...

That is a lovely sky. The blue is nice after all the grey. I can imagine how everything must be a bit overwhelming and loud after not hearing before. I'm sure Mr. G will get used to them soon.

Willow said...

Ha! I think we all do that 'where's my phone which is in my hand'.
What a beautiful sky you had to enjoy. I hope you get some more sunshine amidst the rain.
For Mr. G's sake especially, I am glad he has such great hearing aids.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Dismal gray weather used to make me sad -- now I don't have that excuse for 'deciding to be in a bad mood' (a phrase which I love -- I guess it is kind of our decision to be down in the dumps!) (Even with good weather, sometimes I do decide to be in a bad mood anyway I guess. But not for long at a time. Bad moods are boring.

The cat/red checked tablecloth/hyacinth plant looks like a painting -- wonderful color contrasts and the patient cat.....

We both use earphones when we watch TV -- I hear a lot more background sounds with it.... our homes here in Florida are so close you wouldn't have to have the TV set on very loud at all for all the neighbors to hear. Also either of us can watch a program without the other one having to listen.