23 Feb 2016


Maybe in your country "Day Cares" for dogs already exists, but here it was the first one which opened. I had never heard or even thought of it, but a young couple who was looking for work and didn't find any had this clever idea. To my knowledge it is the only one around Brussels, which keeps dogs for an hour or more or for half or full day.

Of course Nicole wanted to go to the inauguration and I was curious too of course. Charlie was wondering where we would go.

and then we saw the sign and a lot of people with their dogs standing outside !

The first dog I saw was "Monster" dog who looked very dangerous and impressive but was the friendliest dog ever !

Charlie made friend with a Dalmatian girl, and they were all standing there with their owner waiting to get into the play ground.

Then they were let in. The big dogs were separated from the small once. I forgot to take pictures of the mini dogs.

The playground was full of toys, huts, fake trees and water bowls everywhere

They were all running around and playing, no fights nothing, only one running behind the other ! From time to time just like kids they came and checked if their owners were still standing at the fence.

The only little one I saw was just besides me and looked at me with these outstanding eyes which makes these dogs look so funny.

Poor Charlie was exhausted after 45 min of playing with the others and was happy to rest while we had a coffee.

When I came home my cats didn't appreciate at all the smell of dog I probably had on me !

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina - well that's a first to me; a good idea for meeting friends ... not as healthy as fresh air though .. but can see the appeal. Glad Charlie had a good time ... you'll have to wash and change before you come back to your own house -so the cats are not put out! Cheers Hilary

Anonymous said...

Doggie day care centres are a must over here where most people work and there is no one home... Cute shots.

Terra Hangen said...

That sounds like a fun place for dogs. There are quite a few dog care centers in the USA, which seems more kind than leaving them home alone for 8 hours a day if the owner works.

Loree said...

It looks like a place where dogs can have a lot of fun.

Andrew said...

It is a great idea. I was watching dogs run and play in the park this morning and it is so nice to see.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

We only very recently started to see those around here .. Seems like a good idea. And cheers to the young people for creating their own business!