22 Feb 2016


We wanted to try out one of the old restaurants which are still standing at the beginning of the road to the Lion's mount.

The site looked dreary, no living soul around besides us and Charlie,  some cars on the parking space probably belonged to the staff of the new built restaurant. What a difference to the site before the renovation, the cafés and restaurants which had been demolished were always busy especially on weekends.

So we ended up in the "Estaminet de Joséphine" which had a warm feeling decoration, but unfortunately the lunch we got was not very good. It had been a steak, with salad and French fries, the salad was 2 leaves, the fries too fried and the steak stemmed from an old cow. I got one piece stuck in my throat and couldn't breeze anymore, I thought my last minutes I would spent in this historical place, but Nicole slapped me on the back and the piece decided to go up and my life was saved.

One friend of my painting class got married after 28 years of common life. The ceremony in the city hall was so funny we all laughed so much. The groom had forgotten the jacket of his suit and also the tie, so a friend ran over to his house nearby and borrowed him a jacket, which was slightly too large, but nobody cared.

Some young people had an excellent idea, they opened a "day care" for dogs ! Of course Nicole wanted to visit it and we went to the opening.

There were so many people there with their dogs of all sizes ! But the big once had their own space and the little once were apart. Charlie had a lot of fun and the dogs played all together, there was not one who got aggressive ! Charlie flirted with a Dalmatian lady. After a while he had enough and we went home. I think it's not a bad idea at all, some dogs just can stand to be alone the whole day when their owners are working.

Sunday afternoon Mr. G. went with me to Ilona to upgrade her computer from Window 7 to Window 10 ! It took 2 1/2  only to download and then all the rest ! Ilona and I meanwhile chatted and from time to time she looked what he had done, and then finally after another 2 h everything was up to date and she was very happy ! He had done the same with mine and I have to say I have only noticed very few changes compared to my Window 8.1, but besides Internet using and emails I don't do very much with a computer ! It's mostly my typewriter for my blogs and photo storage.


Mara said...

Well, the restaurant looks nice at least. Then again, if that is all it is, it is not much.

Doggy day care. Great idea!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Isn't it nice to have a computer tech living with you? Oh my gosh, I am glad your life was saved -- you are laughing, but you know it could have been serious -- take care!! (That happened to Bill's dad once years ago when we were eating out with them -- Bill did to him what your friend did to you and saved his life. Afterwards, we all laughed about how Bill 'beating up' on his dad. But it was frightening at the time.)