19 Feb 2016


1. After the rainy weekend, the week started with a wonderful sunshine and it was quite cold. I prefer that by far. After aqua gym I went with Dominique for lunch. So finally we could talk about all the changes which happens now in her life. Finally they won't get married (yet) but she will move in with him in his house. Her house just besides ours will be for rent. That's sad, because we had such a nice relationship and our kitchen windows are just opposite so we could greet each other in the mornings.

2. As I have started pastel painting I needed some carton and an eraser and some other things for my office. I also found a nice little suitcase on wheels to put all my stuff in. I was near Nicole's so I called her and as she was home I had a coffee with her and she showed me the new sun tent she wants to have installed for summer because on her terrace it is very hot.

3. Mr. G's young friend (he is only a little older then our son) had invited us into his new apartment. He just had moved in a month ago. He was very proud and had all reason to be, because it is very modern and light. The kitchen/living is open plan and he has a huge terrace around the house. He has installed a camera in his living so that he can see his entrance and living room with his smart phone ! Very nice ! I had heard about this from young parents who go out and check from time to time if their house is still standing when they have teenage children !

4. Our painting class was nice, we will have a wedding on Saturday, one of our vintage friends will get married after 30 year of living together with her boyfriend. We were all a little surprised because we thought they were already married. He is 20 years younger ! It should be normal, because nobody cares when a man of 70 marries a woman of 30 ! The only problem would be if he wanted to have children, but he never wanted one. So Saturday we will go to the City Hall and wave and throw rice on them. Apparently that brings luck !

5. I am busy with doing some research to buy a DashCam for my car. More and more people have this and apparently they are very satisfied especially in case of an accident. Has anybody an opinion about that ? Some people find it useless. I think it is nice to film the streets especially when the landscape is beautiful and you can keep this part of the recorded way.

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Andrew said...

1 Even in older age there are lifestyle changes.

2 You can only dream of Nicole's hot terrace.

3 I am guessing Mr G's younger friend is not the marrying kind?

4 Older women with younger men. I expect many women dream......

5 Russia seems to be the dash cam capital of the world, I expect because their laws and insurance companies are not very good and people need positive proof from cameras. Dash cams are quite simple and cheap now. Why not set it as a task for Mr G.

Jo said...

I'm copying Andrew's format in my reply to you:

1. Sad that Dominique won't be there anymore - she's been next door for many years I suspect - about 40? I dislike change but had to accept a major one in our lives last year this time when we left Africa to retire in SA *sigh*

2. We erected an awning on our terrace in mid-2014. Although it was expensive, it was money well spent. Need to erect another two sometime...

3. I also suspect Mr G's young friend is a bachelor.

4. I don't know what I would do with a younger man. Unless he could ride Grant's bike as well as the man himself. And sleeps in his own room. LOL

5. This is the first time I hear of a dash cam. I will google it and give my humble opinion.

Enjoy your weekend.


Faith said...

yay for your friend getting married! i am 6 years older than my husband...we met in grad school and i must say he is and was more mature than the older guys i dated back then!!! ha!

that apt your young friend has sounds lovely.

never heard of a dashcam but i sure do love my GPS app on the ohnoe for when we visit unknown cities,

have fun at the wedding! here on the east coast of the USA we no longer toss rice as it is harmful to the birds. we blow bubbles now!! great fun!

Wendy said...

Oh how lovely to have a wedding to look forward to. It sounds like you will miss your neighbour. We have just discovered our neighbours are trying to sell their house but we are not close. We found out they were selling when I noticed the estate agent taking photos of the house.

Enjoy the wedding.

ellen b said...

It's always sad to lose a good neighbor and to wonder if you'll get a long with the new tenants. That's quite the age difference in the wedding. Don't throw the rice too hard! Don't know a lot about dashcams. Our police use them here.
Have a great weekend Gattina!

Fun60 said...

I am sorry that Dominique is moving on but perhaps your new neighbour will become a good friend in time.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina - lots going on .. and enjoy that wedding today. I'm sorry to read about Dominique - but at least she's not getting married and could move back should things not work out. I hope you get a decent neighbour ..

Cheers Hilary

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

We have several vintage romances going on here in our winter resort (as of course snowbirds are all of retirement age). But I don't know these people as well as you do your longtime neighbor, so it is all just kind of sweet to see.

Mary said...

My husband has a dashcam. I think it's on continuously. I'm indifferent to it. I guess it could be good in case of an accident.

Loree said...

It's nice that you will have a wedding - something more to look forward to. I have never heard of a dashcam so I have no opinion.

Barbara H. said...

I know it will be sad to have your friend move away. Hope your new neighbors are good! I did not know people were getting dashcams - I only knew the police had them. I can't imagine getting one, but I guess they would be good in case of an accident.