18 Feb 2016


When I arrived at Nicole's one day, there were at least 10 people standing on the street, all neighbors. The reason was that Nicole had got a phone call from her neighbor's daughter, because her mother didn't answer the phone which was very unusual because the old lady of 90 years has her exact daily schedule and as it was afternoon, she should be up, well dressed and combed as usual. She is never sick and even mows her lawn still at her age.  The daughter had also tried the mobile phone but also without success.

Nicole proposed to go over and rang at the door. Which she did. She even banged and then other neighbors arrived for help. They knocked on the windows went around the the house to look in the French doors of the living room. But there was no sign of Simone the old lady.

A man proposed to break into the entrance door or break a window to climb through. As they were still discussing what to do, the daughter arrived with the key. Everybody watched with attention as close as possible when the door was finally open. After a while a uncombed and without make-up, dressed in an old bathrobe Simone showed up and looked at all these people with surprise.
Then she explained that she had a light cold, had switched her phones off and had gone to bed with an aspirine. That was all !

She thanked us to have worried about her and said it was good to know that people took care of her. Of course we were all surprised and relieved that nothing worse had happened, as she was never sick, and never sleeps during the day. I think it's better to act like this then wait until the house or apartment starts to stink, which unfortunately sometimes happens.

We chatted a bit together and then everybody went home.

The only one who really had enjoyed the whole situation was dog Charlie ! Having all neighbors around him was heavenly, he likes company ! On top I had brought him a bone which made his day.

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Andrew said...

A similar thing happened with our next door neighbour in the mid 1980s but with a worse outcome. The first time she had a stroke, the second time, she died. We called her daughter both times.

Anonymous said...

Awww - cute dog!

Betty said...

I'm glad this story had a happy ending.

Loree said...

Glad to hear that Simone is fine. Charlie looks like he's enjoying his bone.

Gallery Juana said...

An amazing story! My parents had neighbors like you around them. And I could easily see something like this being possible when they were alive. Glad simone was only fighting a cold.

visiting from warm heart wednesdays.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina - glad Simone was alright, and so good to know Charlie is looked after ... cheers Hilary

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

People here in our Snowbird resort really do watch out for each other, as most of us are away from family... I can absolutely imagine such a thing happening here! Glad she was OK.

Grantham Lynn said...

Oh how nice. I'm glad all was well. What wonderful neighbors. That sure is a warm heart story.
Thanks for sharing. BTW I'm following you now. Actually thought I was but guess not!
Well have a good week!

Anonymous said...

So nice to have a caring community! Glad she was just napping. Charlie looks like he had the situation well under control!

Jenny said...

I'm glad Charlie had a good time.

I suspect the rest of you had heart palpitations while waiting!

What a lovely group of people!

This really made me smile.

Thanks for warming my heart for week 14.