15 Feb 2016


Besides the fact that it is difficult to write about a weekend where nothing special happened I can always talk about the weather, but even that is boring because each day it rains and rains and rains !

It is not very inviting to go outside for a walk when even sitting in the car it looks already depressing. This is our street since the last weeks !

On Saturday we wanted to go and see the Venice Carnival Parade in the heart of Brussels. Nicole arrived and together we drove to Ilona to pick her up. Instead of grey sky it started to rain more and more. We decided to eat something first in the hope the rain would stop and we could go and watch this beautiful parade.

It should have looked like this, instead I had to "steal" the pictures from last year on internet and as we had our lunch at Ikea we spent the whole afternoon there instead. It would have been impossible to take pictures, and I even wonder if the parade hasn't been cancelled due to the rain. We thought we will go next year and Nicole took the opportunity to look for new kitchen furniture and I bought ... guess what .... an umbrella ! I had again lost one. I think I should open a special account for umbrella shopping !

Valentine's day was also "under water" I am sure the restaurants made good business. As Mr. G. prefers to eat at home, I bought Sushis and "Mousse au chocolat" as dessert.

As usual Arthur tried to steal them and we had to put them in the cupboard !

We spent the whole afternoon with computer and TV and avoided to look outside !


Jo said...

Ironic how we're looking out the window at the sky now and saying: Oh yes, clouds are banking up beautifully; we should have a shower this evening. We need the rain. But your weather sounds (looks) most depressing. I'm glad you had a nice meal; I also love the look of Mr G's sushi which I'd give to Arthur. But I'd eat the chocolate. Hope your weather clears a little soon. xx

Fun60 said...

Continuous rain is just so miserable.

Loree said...

And we haven't had a drop since the 12th of January :( I did not know that there is a Venice Carnival in Brussels. Very interesting.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Reminds me of what our winters used to be like when we lived in Oregon. I hope it clears up soon for you. (